Tuesday, March 4, 2008


First things first let's talk about how you can start a blog. This post is a guidence on how you can start a blog. I will explain with few words what a blog is. A blog can be seen as your online diary or your personal journal. This way you can let everybody know what you are up to. You can use it to advertise the product you are selling or you can use to for to get-paid-for reviewing products, sites or services.

On your blog you can add hyperlinks to websites, pictures and MP3 to your blog. This all depends on what type of blogging software you use. There is Wordpress and Blogger. Wordpress has more possibilities than Blogger. It is not easy to learn Wordpress when you just starting out. There are many webhosts offers
one-click Wordpress

The main elements of a blog are: Comments: This feature allow the visitors to give
their opinion. This can be good, but this can be also bad.
Trackback: This feature is for others to link back to your blog.
Permalink: This is a URL of your blog post.
Catagory: This will allow you to keep together the similair blog post.
Title:Label your posts with the topic. With one template you can easily create new pages. It can be seen as copying your home page template of your website to use as other pages. Blogging can be heck of a social thing. You can join groups. Let's say you are blogging about making money online, then you can join a similair group on forums. In case you are an online entrepreneur than you can advertise your product online with your blog. Blog is a great way to communicate with your customers.

It is up to you to decide for what you want to use your blog for. I am using blogs for making money online. You can easily download the blogging software or use
one-click Wordpress
install. This will save you lots of stress downloading the software and installing it your self manually. Blogging is crazy fun and it takes some effort to get you to a level to make money online. I think it helps me to grow personally and and financially.

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