Saturday, September 29, 2007


I am constantly looking for ways to make money online. I researched a lots of methods. The conclusion is that starting a dropshipping business can be very profitable. With other money making methods such as affiliate marketing, which also can make you a lot of money is the problem, that the merchant set up the commission and the price. You do not have any influence on the retail price.

Dropshipping can be very profitable, because you are in charge of setting a retail price. This makes you to set up a retail price, which can be competitive with other dropshippers and retailers. If you want to set up a dropship business than Salehoo provide you the best directory with up to date information about wholesalers.
Currently there are 40000 members, who make money with Salehoo. Only for a one time fee you will get a lifetime membership to Salehoo.

There are a lot of scam wholesalers, who will try to sell you fake products and who will try to rip you off. With Salehoo you are guaranteed that you will get a secure source of wholesalers for a one time fee. The wholesalers do not advertise on the Internet, because they do not have to. The wholesalers are depending on the retailers. If you want to make money selling products on E-bay this is your chance.
For all the people who want to make a nice living and make your dreams come trough,you can with Salehoo. With Salehoo you will get customer support and information about wholesalers, dropshipping suppliers, liquidation and closeout specialists, factory manufacturers.

Salehoo provide you a 3 way rating system, that means that Salehoo rate the wholesalers and E-bay powersellers and Salehoo members rate the wholesalers. This simply means you would not get ripped off by the scammers.With Salehoo you get a fully searchable database, this means you just can enter the product you are looking for Salehoo will give you a list of suppliers that offer you that certain product.You can chat with other members of Salehoo to exchange thoughts and ideas to make your business more profitable. You will get a training and guidance to become an E-bay seller. Salehoo created videos to provide you all the essential knowledge to become successful in dropshipping. Do not waste your money on e-books how to make money online. This one time membership will give you all the access to the members area. I can ensure you that there are no better deal than Salehoo, which can help you to set up a dropshipping business. Get with the best team sign up for a membership.Click Here!

Friday, September 28, 2007


For anyone who wants to stay creating new post about your day to day life or about a certain niche,then starting a blog is the ultimate solution. This way you can create so much posts you want and add this to your blog. Blog is a website which you can update with much content as you want. Blogs are online since the mid '90. Since the last three years it got so famous, there are so much blogs, more than 7,000,000.


There is the possibility to make money online with blogging. How much you will make is depending on how much traffic your blog gets. More traffic your blog gets more money you will make with your blog. The most lucrative income for bloggers is writing reviews for get-paid-to-blog sites. These site will pay you to review a product, service or a website. Let's say you are a merchant, you want to make a buzz online about your product, then you can contact the get-paid-to-blog sites and sign up as an advertiser, then a blogger will be asked to review your product. Mostly with low PR sites you can make around $5 to $10 per 50 to 300 words review.



Conditions to make your blog grow and make money online you got to update it regularly. At least once a day. This will help you to get readers. More visitors means more income.You can monetize your blog with Adsense, this will make you money, when every time a visitor click on the Adsense Ads.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Recently I am so fascinated by getting backlinks, it seems I only can talk about getting backlinks. I searched along for software, which makes it easy to get backlinks. The most time saving one is this software, makes sure you will Get an avalanche of traffic to your site!!. I am speaking out of experience. This software is the real deal amongst the the blog commenting software

I tried it, it got me a lots of backlinks. It is really easy. You only have to enter the keywords in the search box and Blog Commentor will hit you with all the relevant blogs. This software has this special feature build in, which will show you the page rank of the blog. You can select the function to delete all the blogs below PR 1, after the Blog Commentor found all the relevant blogs. This makes it a piece of cake to get a higher page rank.
You will see that your traffic increases within few days. Make sure that you get this software, the lite version gives you a taste what the full version can do for you. The lite version gives you the opportunity to comment on Wordpress blog. The full version is the ultimate blog commenting software Don't miss it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I was so glad to get free backlinks from Spud. If you all do not know who Spud is, I will tell you. Spud was the author of the blog called Nice4Rice. I wrote a post about his blog. Spud Had something unique going on, because he gave away free backlinks. He gave the readers the option to vote for a blog post he wrote this way you could get a free backlink per post. He called voting 'give rice'.

Now it is all over there is no more free backlinks with giving rice. He recently announced, that he is going to quit with his blog. He said that the time he was investing in blogging was not rewarding him sufficiently. This is the main reason why he is quiting his blogging career. Now that he a father he has a family to take care of. He it had going on with his PR4 blog, he had reached this within six months.
I can imagine that you can not make a full time income through blogging in the initial state. I think you any one who want to make money online, should focus on the long term.

I know that blogging can be very time consuming. Getting traffic can be real tough.
It is a period of learning you must go through. I am now getting to know more about the deal with S.E.O. This state is interesting. I am glad that I started blogging. I got to be honest I am not making much yet. It is progressing. That is the best part.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Now I know the basic principles of S.E.O. It starts with submitting your blog to various search engines. This brings in traffic and also give you backlinks. To get backlinks you can also comment on other blogs. It is also possible to get backlinks by posting on forums. There are some forums, which will pay you for every post.
It is not that lucrative. Posting on forums will get you backlinks without a doubt.

I red on a forum, an affiliate marketeer said that he is promoting dish networks. He does this by writing reviews about Dish network providers. He submit all his articles to article directories. Within 2 weeks he made $250 only by writing a quality review about a dish network. He wrote just one article and submitted this to 50 article directories. This gives him 50 backlinks. That is great for him, this way he is making money online and he is getting backlinks, which will get him well ranked in the search engine. Higher his page rank gets, more money he can make with sites like, or other get-paid-to-blog sites. Beside he is making money as an affiliate he also can make money with blogging.

This method is called Bum Marketing. An affiliate marketeer called Travis introduced this method to a broader online money makers. Me personally only have plans to become an affiliate, because that is where the money is. At the moment I am more focused on getting paid online with blogging.

Monday, September 24, 2007


The reason behind the fact you are on my blog now, must be that you want to make money online just like me. Making money online is not that hard. I am not saying that it is simple neither. If you are motivated and you have time to invest. You are
on the right track. You can make money online as a blogger or you also can make money online as an affiliate. The most lucrative method is becoming an online merchant. If you have a product to sell, let say an e-book about starting your own business. Then you can sell this online.

To accept online payments you need online shopping cart software . This is made easy for you by Ashop Commerce. The shopping cart software, which Ashop Commerce offers needs no installation. You can have your own online store with award winning features, that is what e-commerce software of Ashop Commerce is. For a low monthly fee you can have your own online store.

I can recommend you Ashop Commerce, because it is a great shopping cart software, real simple to use. So now that you know where you got to go for the best shopping cart software, you can have your own online store without any worries.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007


You all know that you can make online with Adense, Adsense got a cousin which is called Adwords. With Adsense you do not have to spend any money to make money online. I recently switch to a custom domain from blogspot, which is my other blog is now anyway, when I bought a domain name and I got a $50 worth Adwords voucher. I am kind of happy with this. I am going to experiment with this.

What is Adwords:

Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising campaign of Google. It is really simple to get started with Adwords. You go to Adwords create an account. In few simple steps you can set up a Adwords campaign. You can bid on keywords of your choice.
Let's say you own a marketing consulting company. You want to market your website to get more clients. When you set up your Adwords campaign you will be asked to choose for keywords to enter. You can choose your keywords of your choice. Let's say you entered keywords like: marketing consulting, the best marketing consulting, cheap marketing consulting, effective marketing consulting. Every time a person enter one of these search terms into the Google search engine, your Adwords campaign will show up on the right side of the search engine. To get listed on the first page of Google search engine you have to bid higher than the other advertisers for a certain keyword. Everytime a visitor click on your Adwords ad you will be charged per click. It is better to start with a small budget, because it takes some knowledge of choosing the right keywords. So it takes some research. You can make money as an affiliate with Adwords. Some affiliates do not even have a website, they promte a product through Adwords campaign, Those affiliates send traffic to merchants website by setting up an Adwords campaign, the affiliates get commission if a visitor buy a product through clicking on the Adwords ad, which brings the customer to the merchants website.

I got to say I am going to set up an Adwords campaign soon for an affiliate marketing programme. I will continue to share my experience with adwords with you all . Please let me know what your experiences are with Adwords, please leave a comment.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I have been so busy with getting backlinks lately, I have downloaded so much free software. I found this so much fun. It is more fun writing good content, It is not a myth, the saying content is king. You can be a king in S.E.O if your content suck, you would not get any returning visitors. My experience with writing content can be helpful to you. Before I start writing content I look for new resources and to find out about new money making ideas.

'Good' content is not suitable for every reader. I mostly write for readers, who are just starting to make money online. I also get some good online money making ideas from visitors, thank you very much. It is important to give your readers unique information.

People are constantly looking for info on the web. So supplying some useful info about anything can be lucrative. If you have researched a subject and you have lots of knowledge about that subject, you can write your post as an answer on a question.
Visitors will be thankful for your information, you will get more comments on your blog. It is important to use quality of grammar and correct spelling.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Everybody knows, if you want to make money online it starts with getting a reasonable amount of traffic. There are few methods to get traffic. The most famous method to get traffic is to buy traffic. Most online entrepreneurs buy traffic to make money as an affiliate. I am not yet into affiliate marketing, I am into blogging, so I am going to stick with getting traffic for free.

I found out this great blog syndication network called BLOGRUSH. What has BLOGRUSH to offer. Blog rush can get you loads of traffic. First of all go to BLOGRUSH and create a free account. After filling your personal info plus your blogs URL and Rss feed you will get a code that you can copy and paste on your blog. After that a widget will show up on your blog, this widget displays links to other blogs within your blog's category.

How often your blog will show up on the widget depends on how many page view your blog get per day, let's say your blog get hundred page views a day, your blog has the right to get featured on the widgets hundred times a day. This way you can get lots of traffic. Blogrush can be helpful if you are looking for leads or if your are a business blogger.

Monday, September 17, 2007


For more than thirty six years Anglian has been the place to go for the UK home owners for quality home improvement. For the nicest Victorian conservatories range is the Anglian the right spot for you. That is not the only thing, which Anglian home improvement has to offer. Anglian has also Regency conservatories range, the Edward conservatories range, Elizabethan conservatorie range, the Garden Room conservatories range, The Crusader Conservatories range.

If you want a extra room build for your house, a conservatory is a great solution.
Anglian got the experts, who will build your conservatory with great expertise. It is a quick fitting process. Clicking here will take you to the page how the builders from Anglian work. Anglian offers you a 10 year guarantee for any product you buy.

For quality Home improvements is the Anglian the company to call. For installing windows and doors Anglian can save you a lot of money and time. Anglian got fitting specialist waiting for your call to give you free advise. Go to Anglian and check out all the products it has to offer.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007


For everyone who are interested in affiliate marketing I got some great news. There are lots of gurus giving you 80 pages reports to sell their secret to you to make money online. I am not sceptic about these tactics they are supplying. You can make some nice money online as an affiliate. If you have plans to become an affiliate I would really go for it. It does take a lot of your time and it takes research.

This site STIMUL CASH is offering you the chance to become an affiliate. You can set up your own online pharmacy website in less than 10 minutes. You can own a online drug store and make some awesome cash as an affiliate. It is all up to you to set up the prices for the drugs you are selling.
You also can pick your commission level. With the easy to use website creator you can have you site up and running in matter of minutes.

This is a great way to get started as an affiliate. Go to STIMUL CASH and become an online pharmacy owner and make money online.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


You might know what Bidvertiser is or maybe not. For everyone, who do not know what Bidvertiser is do not worry. I will tell you in plain English, what it is and how you can make money with it. Bidvertiser is a pay-per-click advertising site.
What is pay-per-click : pay-per-click is a advertising campaign, as a advertiser you can create a text ad and Bidvertiser gives the chance to the advertiser to browse through the directory for publishers, who is willing to display this ad on that site, every time the ad is getting clicked on the advertiser will get charged and the publisher will get paid for every click.

You can create an account with Bidvertiser as a advertiser. If you are looking for traffic you can create a pay-per-click campaign, Bidvertiser offers you the opportunity to browse the directory categories to find the appropriate sites for your business. This can choose your desired geographic targeting.Advertiser can create a text ad. Advertiser can set up a budget. Your advertising campaign can be up and running in minutes.

You also can sign up as a publisher, this will give you the chance to make money with displaying ads. If you have a site with high amount of visitors, you eventually make more money online with Bidvertiser. Bidvertiser is real nice opportunity for you to make money online. Bidvertiser is an alternative to Google Adsense.

With Bidvertiser you can make money online as a publisher you also can make money online with Bidvertiser as a referal. How much you can make depends on how many customers you refer to Bidvertiser. When you refer an advertiser, the advertiser spends $10 the referer will get paid $5, when the advertiser spends $ 50 the referer will get paid $20.

Friday, September 14, 2007


One of the major things I worry about is getting quality backlinks. Getting backlinks simply means better search engine rankings. I was so focused on getting backlinks. I was looking for a better way to get more backlinks than commenting on blogs. I found this site, it is social bookmarking tool. This site makes it possible to submit your post to more than 15 social bookmarking sites at the same time.

I love this site. It is called ONLYWIRE it is pretty simple to get started. Only thing you got to do is go to Onlywire and create an account. Then you click on the social bookmarking sites which are listed on the site and you create a single account at all the social bookmarking sites which are listed at Onlywire. You fill in the login info and save the whole page with all the login info for all the social bookmarking site to your favourite pages. Every time you write a post you can share this with other readers by bookmarking this post.This way you build backlinks and get more traffic to your blog.

Monday, September 10, 2007


If you wonder what deep linking is I will tell you what deep linking is, deep linking is actually an URL not such as the usual URL but or similar.

Deep linking gives you some advantages, which is that search engine robots will crawl inner and more important parts of your blog or site, this way your site or blog will get indexed better. Everybody linking to you will have a different link, that means it is a natural looking link.Not the same link get submitted over and over.

Many directories do not allow webmasters to submit deep links into their directory.
You can create different site maps let the bot crawl deeper into your site. Or you can use anchor texts which leads to a site map.

If you are a blog author you probably can not create site maps. This problem can be solved by interlinking, you just link a post with a older post, this way the search engine bots can crawl your entire blog. Your comment is welcome.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


I know you are all familiar with the adsense integration on Blogger main page. This is a great solution from Google to all blogger users, because it is time saving. This means that you do not have to copy and paste your Adsense ads into your blog.

Now there is even a greater solution, which is Inline Ads, this means that blogger made it possible to make Adsense ads appear in side every post or you can choose to make the ads appear after every other posts.

You can get this inline adsense feature if you follow these easy steps.

1) Go to

2) log into your account

3) click on Template

4) click on the page element link.

5) click edit on the blog post section.

6) check the box next to show ads in side posts

7) you can choose if you want to let the ads appear after every posts or after every other posts.

8) you can custimize the ads and click save changes, then you are done

Saturday, September 8, 2007


I was thinking about paid methods to increase my blog traffic. I thought if I could buy some traffic, that it would be alright with Before I made this move I informed at payperpost if it is possible to buy traffic, no it is not ethical to buy traffic to your blog when you write reviews for review sites such as

I think buying traffic can be a advantage, because the paid traffic can bring more exposure to the reviews you are writing. On the other hand the people at Payperpost say that you can get banned from the market place of if you buy traffic or use any other unethical traffic or link building method.

So if your blog is approved for review sites you should blog ethically. At most review sites you can find more information at T.O.S.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I am not happy about the fact how much money I am missing out at
I can not quit me day job to get busy online. Because of some personal issues my day job is unmissable. I miss some great opportunities from $5 to $500. This do not have to be this way, only thing I got to do is get on my notebook and wait for the Payperpost opportunities to show up, but I can't. I got a day job.

It is unbelievable how much opportunities there are at and how much money I am missing out. I have been investing nothing but alot of time into this blog. I am getting rewarded for that not only through getting paid, I get this great feeling if I write a post. I can advise you all to be patient and invest your time to see some results in the long run. When you reach that level and you have a approved blog for the marketplace of than consider how you are going to reserve the opportunities. If you have a full time job, like me you have the chance that all the opportunities are fully reversed at when you are logging in.

I thought I can ask my dad to reserve the opportunities at for me so that I can take them when I get home after work. So if you have the same problem please let me know how you deal with the opportunities at You can leave a comment on this blog. You are welcome at any time to comment.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Link popularity is actually depends on how much sites link to your website this help yor rank higher for a certain search term. More links from other websites you will get, more higher you will rank. Link popularity works like this the search engines do not look at the content of your website to determine to if your site is relevant for a search term. They look at outside links that validate, by linking your site is relevant for that search.

Your site can gain link popularity when a high ranked site link to your site than less higher ranked sites linking to you. This means search engines look at how much important sites link to your site, this will give your site more link popularity.

The best long term method gain link popularity is to provide valuable content to your readers, this will help your site rank higher when readers will link to you because your site content is simply good. The most popular link building tool is getting links from yahoo and directories.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Few months ago I bought two domains to blog on, but unfortunately I can not use these domains with blogger hosting. This site where I bought my domain from do not offer the possibility to forward the domain to Google. I thought man this is kind of irritating. I had some other plans for these domain names.

However I found this free domain parking service called Revenue Direct which offers you free domain parking. I think this is a great opportunity to make money with free parked domains.
Mostly you have to pay to park your domain. At Revenue Direct it is free.
From now on you can free park your domain and make money.

All you have to do is sign up with Revenue Direct for free and optimize with a template. You can choose relevant keywords to optimize your site with. If you wish to auto-optimize it is possible too. The new feature what Revenue Direct offer is the custom landing page service. You also can earn money as an referral. You can earn 10% of all customers you refer.