Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I was so glad to get free backlinks from Spud. If you all do not know who Spud is, I will tell you. Spud was the author of the blog called Nice4Rice. I wrote a post about his blog. Spud Had something unique going on, because he gave away free backlinks. He gave the readers the option to vote for a blog post he wrote this way you could get a free backlink per post. He called voting 'give rice'.

Now it is all over there is no more free backlinks with giving rice. He recently announced, that he is going to quit with his blog. He said that the time he was investing in blogging was not rewarding him sufficiently. This is the main reason why he is quiting his blogging career. Now that he a father he has a family to take care of. He it had going on with his PR4 blog, he had reached this within six months.
I can imagine that you can not make a full time income through blogging in the initial state. I think you any one who want to make money online, should focus on the long term.

I know that blogging can be very time consuming. Getting traffic can be real tough.
It is a period of learning you must go through. I am now getting to know more about the deal with S.E.O. This state is interesting. I am glad that I started blogging. I got to be honest I am not making much yet. It is progressing. That is the best part.

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