Sunday, September 23, 2007


You all know that you can make online with Adense, Adsense got a cousin which is called Adwords. With Adsense you do not have to spend any money to make money online. I recently switch to a custom domain from blogspot, which is my other blog is now anyway, when I bought a domain name and I got a $50 worth Adwords voucher. I am kind of happy with this. I am going to experiment with this.

What is Adwords:

Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising campaign of Google. It is really simple to get started with Adwords. You go to Adwords create an account. In few simple steps you can set up a Adwords campaign. You can bid on keywords of your choice.
Let's say you own a marketing consulting company. You want to market your website to get more clients. When you set up your Adwords campaign you will be asked to choose for keywords to enter. You can choose your keywords of your choice. Let's say you entered keywords like: marketing consulting, the best marketing consulting, cheap marketing consulting, effective marketing consulting. Every time a person enter one of these search terms into the Google search engine, your Adwords campaign will show up on the right side of the search engine. To get listed on the first page of Google search engine you have to bid higher than the other advertisers for a certain keyword. Everytime a visitor click on your Adwords ad you will be charged per click. It is better to start with a small budget, because it takes some knowledge of choosing the right keywords. So it takes some research. You can make money as an affiliate with Adwords. Some affiliates do not even have a website, they promte a product through Adwords campaign, Those affiliates send traffic to merchants website by setting up an Adwords campaign, the affiliates get commission if a visitor buy a product through clicking on the Adwords ad, which brings the customer to the merchants website.

I got to say I am going to set up an Adwords campaign soon for an affiliate marketing programme. I will continue to share my experience with adwords with you all . Please let me know what your experiences are with Adwords, please leave a comment.


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