Thursday, September 20, 2007


Everybody knows, if you want to make money online it starts with getting a reasonable amount of traffic. There are few methods to get traffic. The most famous method to get traffic is to buy traffic. Most online entrepreneurs buy traffic to make money as an affiliate. I am not yet into affiliate marketing, I am into blogging, so I am going to stick with getting traffic for free.

I found out this great blog syndication network called BLOGRUSH. What has BLOGRUSH to offer. Blog rush can get you loads of traffic. First of all go to BLOGRUSH and create a free account. After filling your personal info plus your blogs URL and Rss feed you will get a code that you can copy and paste on your blog. After that a widget will show up on your blog, this widget displays links to other blogs within your blog's category.

How often your blog will show up on the widget depends on how many page view your blog get per day, let's say your blog get hundred page views a day, your blog has the right to get featured on the widgets hundred times a day. This way you can get lots of traffic. Blogrush can be helpful if you are looking for leads or if your are a business blogger.

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