Saturday, September 22, 2007


I have been so busy with getting backlinks lately, I have downloaded so much free software. I found this so much fun. It is more fun writing good content, It is not a myth, the saying content is king. You can be a king in S.E.O if your content suck, you would not get any returning visitors. My experience with writing content can be helpful to you. Before I start writing content I look for new resources and to find out about new money making ideas.

'Good' content is not suitable for every reader. I mostly write for readers, who are just starting to make money online. I also get some good online money making ideas from visitors, thank you very much. It is important to give your readers unique information.

People are constantly looking for info on the web. So supplying some useful info about anything can be lucrative. If you have researched a subject and you have lots of knowledge about that subject, you can write your post as an answer on a question.
Visitors will be thankful for your information, you will get more comments on your blog. It is important to use quality of grammar and correct spelling.

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