Friday, September 28, 2007


For anyone who wants to stay creating new post about your day to day life or about a certain niche,then starting a blog is the ultimate solution. This way you can create so much posts you want and add this to your blog. Blog is a website which you can update with much content as you want. Blogs are online since the mid '90. Since the last three years it got so famous, there are so much blogs, more than 7,000,000.


There is the possibility to make money online with blogging. How much you will make is depending on how much traffic your blog gets. More traffic your blog gets more money you will make with your blog. The most lucrative income for bloggers is writing reviews for get-paid-to-blog sites. These site will pay you to review a product, service or a website. Let's say you are a merchant, you want to make a buzz online about your product, then you can contact the get-paid-to-blog sites and sign up as an advertiser, then a blogger will be asked to review your product. Mostly with low PR sites you can make around $5 to $10 per 50 to 300 words review.



Conditions to make your blog grow and make money online you got to update it regularly. At least once a day. This will help you to get readers. More visitors means more income.You can monetize your blog with Adsense, this will make you money, when every time a visitor click on the Adsense Ads.

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