Tuesday, October 30, 2007


It is not easy to find a safe and fun online casino. There are lots of online casinos. How can you find out if a online casino is safe and how high the payouts are. You have to spend some time on the Internet to find a safe online casino.
If you are looking for a online casino and you want to know how the bonus size, payout rate, customer support, amount of games, deposit options, graphics and how user friendly those online casinos are. Then do not look further.

For the top united states online casinos this is the spot to be. On this site you can find the best online casinos ranked by pro poker and black jack players. These guys know what they are talking about. They rank the online casinos by judging them how high the bonus sizes, payout rates, customer support, amount of games and other aspects are

This site called Topusaonlinecasinos.com is professionally build online casino review site to give you free guidance. This site will help you to make a choice, which online casino the best one is for you. You can find a out, which one is suitable for you.


I think it is easy to invest, lot of money if you have it, to start an online business. If you are looking for an additional income online and you do not have much money to invest, then making money with blogging is an option.
You do not have to invest much, matter of fact you can start with no money. All you need is a computer and access to the Internet. Then the most important investment is time and commitment. Only commitment leads to victory. If you want to win you got to have a certain discipline.

My intentions were that I wanted to make money with affiliate marketing. I did not wanted to invest any money from my regular bank account, so money must be made to invest in an online business. I still have plans to start with affiliate marketing. I bought 2 info products about making money online with affiliate marketing. But I have no time to invest in learning it properly. I am so busy with making money online with blogging. Since 28-10-2007 I found out that both of my blogs have a page rank of 4. This means I get more opportunities at get-paid-to-blog sites. Now I have some money to invest in affiliate marketing, but no time, because making money online with blogging has my priority. I think time is the most important investment if you want to start an online business.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Epazz.com provides organizations with tools for creating, managing, organizing, archiving and sharing content. Content can be offered in many formats such as webpages, e-mails, polls, documents, rss and hot news.
Content management component makes it easy for staff members to create web pages without any further knowledge of HTLM. This can save your company money, because you do not have to hire professional website builders or you do not have to send your personnel to follow HTML courses.

You can try Seamless Integration for 30 day trial risk free. For portal software this is the place to be. Some of the services Epazz.com offers are integration administrative operating systems, integration to enterprise resource planners, Integration to accounting solutions and much more. Epazz.com can provide you software to Enhance the communication between managers and employees. What BoxesOS features are Intranet, portal, web collabration document management, content management, learning management and more. To find out for your self click here.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


I am walking around with this idea to make money online with My Space. I red quite some articles about making money online with My Space. I have checked out free video tutorials how to make money online with My Space. In these tutorials you learn how to set up an My Space account then you can find niches on My Space.

When you go to groups, you can find out the keywords, which get the most searches. Let's say you look for the amount of searches for the keyword 'Dating'. You can find it and you can add friends from these groups as your friend. You can send them personal messages.
This way you can get visitors to your site by inviting your friends to visit your site. This way you can make money by publishing Adsense ads on your site.

Click here to sign up for a free video tutorial on how to make money with My Space. To make it simple for you to to add friends, check out this software. click here to get the My Space friend adding software for free. These are the first steps toward making money online with My Space.


Some of us needs some extra money to get back on our feet financially. I have been in such a situation. If you are also in this kind of situation you should check out this site called Cashadvance1500. This site helps you to get payday loans

Payday loans are short-term loans. There will be no credit checks. You easily can apply for a payday loan through the Internet. The loans are ranging from $100-$1500.
Applying through the Internet is the fastest way. If your loan is approved it will be send through the Internet to your bank account overnight. You can also visit thousands of cash advance stores nation wide.

On this site Cashadvance1500 are differant sites featured, you can find a suitable payday loan site. There is a brief description of those sites, which are featured. This way it is made easier for you to find a fitting payday loan. Payday loans are a great solution if you have bounced checks. For a cash advance this is the place to be.


Today I am happy. I made up a fight I had with my little sister, because of my blog Hiphopfanatic.com has reached page rank 4. It is thanks to my little sister, because she is crazy about social networking. She has added a link to my blog in her signature. Believe me she posts a lot.

That is not the only thing. Last week I have submitted a post to 30 article directories, this way I also get backlinks. I am starting to understand search engine optimization. It is not enough to updated your blog on a daily base. You got to social bookmark your site, post on forum, submit to article directories and ping.

What is Social bookmarking? Social bookmarking is that you share your favourite sites with other social bookmarking site members. This way the others can visit the sites you bookmark. You can social bookmark your blog and share with other members, this way you get backlinks.

Post on forums You can join forums, which is relevant to your blog and add a link to your blog in your forum signature ,this way you will get visitors who click on your signature and this will also get you backlinks.

Submit to article directories If you think you have wrote a good post. You can submit this to article directories. When a visitor of these article directories reads your article and clicks the link to your blog you also will get visitors and of course backlinks.

Ping your blog When you have wrote a new blog post you can ping your blog. This means you send a message to search engines that your blog has been updated. Some of the ping services are Pingoat.com , Pingomatic.com

Friday, October 26, 2007


I red about this site a while ago. It is a unique concept. This site called Dealdot.com is simply the best site there is on the Internet. At this site you can buy products for very low price. A certain product will be sold for 24 hours or till it runs out. The products will be sold for a dirt cheap price.

You can join for free and earn a life-time two tier commission on your blog. This is great for anyone who wants to make an additional income with their blog. If you want to make some money with your blog just go to Dealdot.com and find out how you can make money online with dealdot.com.


If you are a truck owner and you are looking for a place to buy a accessories for your truck. Then this is the spot for you to be. This site called Autotruckaccessorie.com has competitive prices and the best truck systems you can buy on the market.

If you are looking for Flatbed Truck Racks, Pick up Truck racks, Ladder Racks, or even you are looking for a van rack you can find it at Autotruckaccessorie.com

There are also Utility Bodies and accessories from Amer-Rac, that is not the only brand they sell you can also find accessories from Cross Tread, Kargo Master and more. Without any doubt you can be sure that it carries anything to your utility job, plumbing, electrical or construction site.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


As we all know it is all about traffic. I find this a great challenging aspect to get traffic to my blog. I spend quite some time on getting traffic. There are several methods to get traffic. You can get free traffic and paid traffic.

Free traffic is that you get traffic to your blog without spending a dime. This is my favorite method. You can get free traffic by joining a traffic programme. I would not join these traffic programmes in case you are writing reviews for get-paid-to-blog sites or if you are a Adsense publisher. Then you violate the rules of Adsense and the rules of the get-paid-to-blog sites.

You can also get traffic by posting on forums. You just sign up for these forums. You create a signature with your website link in it. Everytime you post on those forums you get a backlink. More backlinks you have from high Page Rank sites, higher you will rank in the search engines. Also every time a member of a forum click on your signature, it will take the visitor to your website.

Here are some forums



There are a few alternatives to Google Adsense. I have no experience with those alternatives. I placed Adsense on my blogs and it is making me money each day.
This report gives you information how you can make money money with Adsense this is a great info product, which shows you how you can make money with Adsense. This report is a case study how a Adsense publisher made few thousand dollars a month.

With Adsense you can build a passive income stream. Even you asleep you can make money. The great thing of this report is that is clearly written. The steps are easy to follow. If you follow these steps you can make additional cash with Adsense

This is one of the easiest method to make money online. You do can make extra cash by reselling this report. You also get a free gift, which you can give away.
Anyone who downloads your free gift can buy other products by clicking the affiliate link.So get your Adsense report now and make money online.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I walk around quite some time with the idea to sell e-books. I already took the first few steps. I wrote my whole e-book. It only needs the finishing touch. I Wonder how I am going to accept payments when visitors buy my e-book. I did not have to worry much about that issue.

Since I found out about this site. They provide shopping cart software I am glad that I found out about this site. This software needs no installation and it is very user friendly. Ashop.com.au offers you the best shopping cart software you can get.

For a low monthly fee you can accept online payments. You can try the software for 10 days. This great ecommerce software which is integrated with all the major banks. You can accept credit card payments and PayPal payments. Ashop.com.au now has helped more than 1000 merchants with online payment processing. If you are considering starting an online business, let's say you want to sell e-books you are looking for ecommerce software then Ashop.com.au can help you out.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I find my self highly motivated to make money online. I am making money online with a little bit of time I have to invest in making money online. As I get hang of it. I am focusing on expanding my online income. I got to say it is not easy. I started with article marketing. The time is the main issue. I have not much money to invest. So I have to submit all the articles to the articles directories to my self.

This is a great feeling that you are working on ideas and focusing on long term plans. I am motivated to get more online money. The two affiliate info products I bought are great. For now I made a small investment buying 2 info products. I really enjoy learning these methods.

So I am motivated and I have fun making money online. I have not much time to invest in article marketing. Because I am making money online with blogging. I have less time to invest in article marketing, but I have to make time. If you want to make money online you got to invest enough time to make it work. If you have a quite a chunk of money to invest in making money online, then it is a whole different story.
So time+effort+motivation=online money, I think. I might be wrong. Leave a comment if you think different.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I am not joking about making money online. I am far from a comedian. I started blogging and this is really fun I still enjoy making money online this way. I continue to make money online with blogging, but this is not the only thing I want to invest my time in. I had stacked up a little money to invest in affiliate marketing products which gives the newbies easy to follow instructions to start with affiliate marketing.

This affiliate marketing report teaches you step by step how to make nice affiliate sales. You can start with making money right away. You need a computer and a Internet connection. You get all the info to start your own affiliate marketing business without any further advertising costs This report is only $ 7 dollars. It is cheaper than a meal at KFC. It is a worthy investment. If you follow these easy steps you can not go wrong.

In this report you learn about the free advertising methods how to promote your affiliate link and make good commissions. Also you learn in this report what product to promote. You also learn about where you can find good converting products. Ondemandprofits.com is a great report special for newbies. In my case this is great. As I get more familiar with online money making. I seek more money making methods to make more money online. It is no complex rocket science. Anybody who wants to make money online and have $7 dollars in their Paypal account can get started. You only need some time to invest in your affiliate marketing business. Depending on how much time you put in to your affiliate marketing business your income will increase.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Yesterday I made a important step towards making more money online. Yesterday I bought a online money making product. This info product contains all the ins and outs about making money online. This is the first info product that I have bought about making money online. I have been checking out videos, which contains on this info product. It is a info product by Ewen Chia. This online money making methods are explained very well. The only thing you have to do is follow the steps.

Some of the items, which this product contains is how to make money with adsense, step by step tutorials how you can make affiliate sales within the first 30 days.
I can recommend anybody who wants to make money as an affiliate to go to Secret affiliate weapon and find out for your self. I am glad that this online money making product contains so much videos. It is real easy to follow.

I am now towards making money online as an affiliate. I got to make time to learn affiliate marketing. I am happy as a child to get started with learning affiliate marketing. I will share my experience with affiliate marketing with you all. I believe it is a learning process. I hope to progress. I love to learn new things. So learning would not be a problem.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I just can not keep this for my self. I have just red the whole website of this site called All Niche Video I have this great feeling about this site. I decided to sign up soon as I added a credit card to my PayPal account.

This site offers a lot of video tutorials. This I find inviting to sign up. It is a fact if you just follow the instructions you can not go wrong as an affiliate. After you sign up you get the access to more than 24 hours of video tutorials. This will show you how to set up a website. There are videos which covers all the aspects of setting up a website. This site simply show you how to get started with affiliate marketing and to continue to make money as an affiliate marketer.

It is too bad that I can not pay with a paypal account without adding a credit card to it. I hope I can add a credit card soon. This site offers a great amount of tutorials. I hope to get started soon with affiliate marketing. If you wonder how you can make money online as an affiliate marketer got to allnichevideo.com and find out for your self.

Friday, October 12, 2007


If anyone out there is looking for a blogging job then I got a tip for you, about where you can get started. If you do not know who Carlo is then you can get him to know now. Carlo is the author of CarloCab.com . He is crazy young and a prominent blogger. His blog offers great tips to make money online.

He is looking for guest bloggers who can write quality content in exchange for permanent links, traffic, publicity and revenue. I think this is a great chance for anyone who want to get high PR backlinks from the Carlocab.com.

Become a topnotch blogger and gain attention from a large readership. All the good things in life is for free. So get featured for free click here to find out about all about becoming a guest blogger. Get permanent links, more traffic and more exposure.

Monday, October 8, 2007


If you want to make money online becoming an affiliate can be very lucrative. What is an affiliate? an affiliate is someone who promote other people's products and get a commission after the buyer made a purchase. There are lot of people online working as affiliates. They make good money. If you want to become an affiliate you can sign up at Click Bank Where you can sell your digital product or you can promote other people's products and get commission.

If you sign up to promote digital products you will get a unique affiliate link to promote, every time a surfer click on this link, it will bring him to the page of the merchant. You do not need a website to make money online as an affiliate. You can promote your link with PPC advertising. This way your can generate targeted traffic
to the merchants page. If the visitor order the product, you made a sale that means you get a commission.

There is also a free method to promote your affiliate link. You can write articles about the products you are selling and submit it to article directories. On these sites you can find the article directories: www.topezineads.com, www.directoryofezine.com. This is a great way to make a start with affiliate marketing.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I am blogging for about six months. I had dollar signs in me eyes, so I started blogging. I never expected to make a lot in my initial state of blogging. So I am not disappointed about making money online. I have so much fun, there are lot of people leaving nice comments on this blog and also a lot of useful links. I am happy that I started blogging. In the first month I made my first $100. That is great. I couldn't wait till this blog got approved for the marketplace of PAY PER POST. I got to admit this blog was not approved for the marketplace of Payperpost.com. So this blog is not making me the most money yet.

Anyway my online earnings are increasing. I think by the next Google page rank update it will increase further. This is what I want, if you want to make money online. I advise you to create a free blog. You can do this by surfing to Blogger.com. Find a topic, which you are interested in, this will keep you motivated. Let's say you are interested in collecting Motown Records, then you can start a blog about this topic. After you have been posting for at least 3 months, then you can get your blog approved for the marketplace of PayPerPost.com. There are more get-paid-to-blog sites, but without a doubt PayPerPost.com has the most opportunities. This means after your blog is approved, you can make money by writing reviews about products, services or websites and publishing these posts on your blog.

Even with low traffic you can make money after 3 months. If you have a high ranked blog in the search engines, you can make more money, because then you can get better paying opportunities. So go ahead and start making money online with blogging.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


It is all about the Benjamins that is what P. Diddy and the L.O.X would say, But when it comes online money making it is all about traffic. To get a certain level of traffic, it takes time. You got to do some s.e.o to get traffic from the search engines. That is not the only way to get traffic. One of the famous methods is posting on forums. Make sure your signature contains a link of your blog or site, this way you build backlinks and traffic, visitors who are interested in your profile will click on the link of your blog and that will get you traffic.

My favourite method to get traffic is social bookmarking. I submit my posts to famous bookmarking sites.Only Wire is my favourite social bookmarking tool. This saves me so much time. It only takes time to sign up with all the social bookmarking sites, which is featured on the OnlyWire site. Then with one click you can submit your blog or site to more than 15 social bookmarking sites.

There is also a new kid on the block, which is also great. On this site there are about 40 social bookmarking sites featured, unlike Onlywire you can not submit your site to all the 40 social bookmarking sites at the same time. Social Marker only pre-populates the submit form you have to submit your site into social bookmarking sites one at the same time. Check out click here and find out about Social marker.

Monday, October 1, 2007


I heard a lots of people on forums say that traffic programs can get you a lot of traffic. I thought this is great. They were talking about couple of hundreds of visitors a day. I was crazy excited to hear that. I thought this is my chance to increase my PR. Guess not!!!!!!!!! It is not a good idea to sign up for a traffic programme if you intending to make money with your blog if you reviewing for review sites. They do not allow these methods of getting traffic. This is unethical according to T.O.S of most review sites.

Buying traffic is also against the BLOGGING ETHICS
It is also not wise to join traffic programs if you have sites with Adsense ads on it. It is against Google's rule to use these kinds of traffic methods. You might make some money on the short term. On the long term you would not make any money online, because Google is spending lots of money fighting the frauds amongst the webmasters. It is possible to get your Adsense account suspended by Google.

I actually know people, who had joined these traffic programs and got their Adsense account suspended. I want also more traffic. I am trying to write more quality content.
Content is still the crown rocker. I got to stick to the advise of Darren Rowse, the author of the giga famous online money making blog called Problogger told the readers that some bloggers should focus on writing quality content than getting obsessed with Page rank. I totally agree.