Sunday, October 7, 2007


I am blogging for about six months. I had dollar signs in me eyes, so I started blogging. I never expected to make a lot in my initial state of blogging. So I am not disappointed about making money online. I have so much fun, there are lot of people leaving nice comments on this blog and also a lot of useful links. I am happy that I started blogging. In the first month I made my first $100. That is great. I couldn't wait till this blog got approved for the marketplace of PAY PER POST. I got to admit this blog was not approved for the marketplace of So this blog is not making me the most money yet.

Anyway my online earnings are increasing. I think by the next Google page rank update it will increase further. This is what I want, if you want to make money online. I advise you to create a free blog. You can do this by surfing to Find a topic, which you are interested in, this will keep you motivated. Let's say you are interested in collecting Motown Records, then you can start a blog about this topic. After you have been posting for at least 3 months, then you can get your blog approved for the marketplace of There are more get-paid-to-blog sites, but without a doubt has the most opportunities. This means after your blog is approved, you can make money by writing reviews about products, services or websites and publishing these posts on your blog.

Even with low traffic you can make money after 3 months. If you have a high ranked blog in the search engines, you can make more money, because then you can get better paying opportunities. So go ahead and start making money online with blogging.

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