Monday, October 8, 2007


If you want to make money online becoming an affiliate can be very lucrative. What is an affiliate? an affiliate is someone who promote other people's products and get a commission after the buyer made a purchase. There are lot of people online working as affiliates. They make good money. If you want to become an affiliate you can sign up at Click Bank Where you can sell your digital product or you can promote other people's products and get commission.

If you sign up to promote digital products you will get a unique affiliate link to promote, every time a surfer click on this link, it will bring him to the page of the merchant. You do not need a website to make money online as an affiliate. You can promote your link with PPC advertising. This way your can generate targeted traffic
to the merchants page. If the visitor order the product, you made a sale that means you get a commission.

There is also a free method to promote your affiliate link. You can write articles about the products you are selling and submit it to article directories. On these sites you can find the article directories:, This is a great way to make a start with affiliate marketing.

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