Monday, October 22, 2007


I find my self highly motivated to make money online. I am making money online with a little bit of time I have to invest in making money online. As I get hang of it. I am focusing on expanding my online income. I got to say it is not easy. I started with article marketing. The time is the main issue. I have not much money to invest. So I have to submit all the articles to the articles directories to my self.

This is a great feeling that you are working on ideas and focusing on long term plans. I am motivated to get more online money. The two affiliate info products I bought are great. For now I made a small investment buying 2 info products. I really enjoy learning these methods.

So I am motivated and I have fun making money online. I have not much time to invest in article marketing. Because I am making money online with blogging. I have less time to invest in article marketing, but I have to make time. If you want to make money online you got to invest enough time to make it work. If you have a quite a chunk of money to invest in making money online, then it is a whole different story.
So time+effort+motivation=online money, I think. I might be wrong. Leave a comment if you think different.

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