Monday, October 1, 2007


I heard a lots of people on forums say that traffic programs can get you a lot of traffic. I thought this is great. They were talking about couple of hundreds of visitors a day. I was crazy excited to hear that. I thought this is my chance to increase my PR. Guess not!!!!!!!!! It is not a good idea to sign up for a traffic programme if you intending to make money with your blog if you reviewing for review sites. They do not allow these methods of getting traffic. This is unethical according to T.O.S of most review sites.

Buying traffic is also against the BLOGGING ETHICS
It is also not wise to join traffic programs if you have sites with Adsense ads on it. It is against Google's rule to use these kinds of traffic methods. You might make some money on the short term. On the long term you would not make any money online, because Google is spending lots of money fighting the frauds amongst the webmasters. It is possible to get your Adsense account suspended by Google.

I actually know people, who had joined these traffic programs and got their Adsense account suspended. I want also more traffic. I am trying to write more quality content.
Content is still the crown rocker. I got to stick to the advise of Darren Rowse, the author of the giga famous online money making blog called Problogger told the readers that some bloggers should focus on writing quality content than getting obsessed with Page rank. I totally agree.

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Matt S said...

I couldn't agree more. Content is what people will return for.