Sunday, October 28, 2007

WWW.EPAZZ.COM provides organizations with tools for creating, managing, organizing, archiving and sharing content. Content can be offered in many formats such as webpages, e-mails, polls, documents, rss and hot news.
Content management component makes it easy for staff members to create web pages without any further knowledge of HTLM. This can save your company money, because you do not have to hire professional website builders or you do not have to send your personnel to follow HTML courses.

You can try Seamless Integration for 30 day trial risk free. For portal software this is the place to be. Some of the services offers are integration administrative operating systems, integration to enterprise resource planners, Integration to accounting solutions and much more. can provide you software to Enhance the communication between managers and employees. What BoxesOS features are Intranet, portal, web collabration document management, content management, learning management and more. To find out for your self click here.

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