Saturday, October 27, 2007


Today I am happy. I made up a fight I had with my little sister, because of my blog has reached page rank 4. It is thanks to my little sister, because she is crazy about social networking. She has added a link to my blog in her signature. Believe me she posts a lot.

That is not the only thing. Last week I have submitted a post to 30 article directories, this way I also get backlinks. I am starting to understand search engine optimization. It is not enough to updated your blog on a daily base. You got to social bookmark your site, post on forum, submit to article directories and ping.

What is Social bookmarking? Social bookmarking is that you share your favourite sites with other social bookmarking site members. This way the others can visit the sites you bookmark. You can social bookmark your blog and share with other members, this way you get backlinks.

Post on forums You can join forums, which is relevant to your blog and add a link to your blog in your forum signature ,this way you will get visitors who click on your signature and this will also get you backlinks.

Submit to article directories If you think you have wrote a good post. You can submit this to article directories. When a visitor of these article directories reads your article and clicks the link to your blog you also will get visitors and of course backlinks.

Ping your blog When you have wrote a new blog post you can ping your blog. This means you send a message to search engines that your blog has been updated. Some of the ping services are ,

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