Tuesday, July 31, 2007


There are plenty of ways to make money online, not everyone is promising. There are so many people who try to fool you by promising you $ 1.000.000 in a week. If you want to earn a realistic amount then you got to read further.

If I tell you there are people who earns $ 1000 dollars a day online and if I tell you there is a method how you can get it for your self, would you believe me? I can tell you honestly that anyone who will follow this step by step will succeed.

ULTIMATE WEALTH PACKAGE will give you a money making website and will train you get money online right away.

Advantage of Ultimate Wealth Package is that you get to know all the ins and outs on how to promote a product, which will give you commission up to 70%.With Ultimate Wealth Package, you do not have to ship or deal with customer service, you only have to promote your website with all the tools provided when you purches the Ultimate Wealth Package

Monday, July 30, 2007


I have been busy during last weekend with submitting one of my blogs to search engines for free. It is real time consuming, although it is quite fun. I think submitting your site to search engines are very important. I found out resaults of submitting quite impressive.

I think it is even better to outsource your submitting task to a s.e.o company. I do not know if the sites that promise you to submit your site to 1.000.000 search engines for a certain fee are honest.
I would outsource the submitting task to a honest S.E.O site, but my marketing budget is not allowing this right now.

I realize that I have to focus on proceeding my plans step by step, this will take time. I am working on an e-book, it has been written, now I have to set up a website. Start a clickbank merchant account. I am planning to spend my online earnings into marketing this e-book.
I am hoping to save time by not submitting the website by my self into the search engine.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


It is too bad that Desi Baba quits blogging with his online money making blog. I was visiting that blog frequently. I learned a few important things from him. He was becoming quite famous with his Desi notes blog. I red a post about how you can make money with your blog even you have low amount of visitors.

It was due to lack of time that he has to give up his money making blog. He says that he had investing several honderd of Dollars in his money making blog. He is trying to sell that blog, he can not afford to market it properly to the readers to sell it,because he do not want to invest more money into his money making blog.

He will soon start another blog on another topic. I think it would not take him too much time to get the word out about his new blog. I am curious on what topic he is going to launch his blog.
Yesterday I was reading an interesting post on his blog about how to make you blog successful.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I recently wrote a blog post about dropshipping. I found out more info today. I think this can be very lucrative if you set your dropshipping e-business properly. There are lots of sites that require you to pay a monthly fee in order you to enter their data base of dropshippers. Do not buy that they are the middleman who is trying you to scam you. The only way to cut out the middleman is finding a authorized wholesalers. click here to find out how you can get a database of legit dropshippers.

You can find out if the wholesaler is legit by contacting the manufacturer and asking for a list of wholesalers who are distributing that product you chose to sell.
If you want to set up a dropship business, you need to have a business name and a tax i.d. Any legit wholesaler will ask for that before they start working with you.

What is dropshipping: Dropshipping is that a customer order a product on your website, and you place that order at the wholesaler, the wholesaler takes care of the shipping. You do not have to take care of the storage or the customer service.
you buy the product for the wholesale price and sell it for the retail price.

If you want more info download a free e-book on dropshipping.Click here
On this site you can get a video tutorial on dropshipping.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I think I was the most skeptical one when it came to making money with this Google Adsense. My Adsense income is graduatly growing. In the first month I launched my blog I made about 0,03 USD, In the second month I made about 0,09 USD, in the third month the Adsense income increased to 0,85 USD, this month it reached 1,64 USD

It doesn't make me a next Mark Frind yet, but I am not sceptical anymore.
I am focusing on increasing visitors to my blog. I do not have any marketing budget yet, because I am going to invest my humble earnings into another online project.

I am taking my time plus I am working out my plans step for step.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I know if you are a newbie blogger, just like me 4 months ago, You will have no problems with standard templates, which Blogger, Wordpress or Typepad offer. I got to say those standard templates are not quite interesting, they are not much of an attraction to the visitors.

If your template is looking fresh your visitors will return just like they come back for good content. I replaced my previous template for a newer one because I thought this template represent http://meangreen-meangreen.blogspot.com/ just like the mighty US dollar.

Anyway I found out that if you want to replace your template, then you have to get a beta Blogger template, incase you have a beta account. Otherwise when you revert to classic template you can only display one Adsense ad. This can be a big disadvantage if you get a lot of visitors

So, if you want to download some nice Blogger templates go to http://www.finalsense.com/ get it for free.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I know you might heard of sites that pays you for posting. I think the best part is not getting paid,but these forums can get you some traffic. I have been a big fan of Mylot. It has been sending me some traffic. I am not participating discussions, because I want to make a buck. I am doing this to get some traffic to my blog.

I have been posting on another forum that is EWEALTH this is a great source of information for anyone who is trying to make some money online.

Unlike other forums, which pays you to post. Ewealth requires that you write 1500 post, before they payout. For 1500 post you get 200 USD. This is whole lot more than other pay-to-post sites.

Friday, July 20, 2007


I found this great site. It is BUY A BLOGGER
I got to share this with all the fellow bloggers, because at this site you don't have to pay some of the money you earn over to the review site.

So If you make 10 USD with a oppertunity, then that money is yours. At other review site you get about 65% of what you make.

This is a subdomain of Million Dollar Wiki, this is a site where you can buy a page for $100, it is a lifetime fee. If you want more info check out the site click on the link above.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Once I red a good post about making money online, it was actually about time management regarding to blogging. It is really important that you plan your online activities.
I had this feeling, that I can not get the things done that I want within a certain time limit. Before I red the post on that blog.

Now I get the things done within the time limit that I got. The blogger (sorry, I don't remember what the name of that blog was) explained that you have to work with a timetable. You have to manage your tasks and fit it into the timetable.

Check out my timetable/tasks management.
18:30 checking out blogs
19:15 creating blog posts on http://meangreen-meangreen.blogspot.com/
19:45 checking out blogs
20:15 creating blog posts on http://rapwithanattitude.blogspot.com/
20:45 checking out e-mails
21:15 checking out info on forums
21:30 end of my online activities

Monday, July 16, 2007


Like Public Enemy said 'Don't believe the hype'. Maybe you know this political rap group. This song title is also appealing to all the get-rich-quick hypes on the net. At the time I started searching the net for money making oppertunities, I saw plenty of ads saying 'fire your boss', 'make 1000 USD a day' , 'enjoy your financial freedom' .

I am not that easy to convince, I was researching the oppertunities to make a extra buck and not to get rich overnight. Really I am not saying that you can not get rich online. I am only saying you need to put a lot of time and effort in it to succeed.

All these sales reports are promising you the riches within few minutes. They are often saying you can reach your goals with less effort, like working 2,5 hour a day online. This is so misleading that some people buy that. Like Mike Peters said on his blog you can not quit your day job at least not for a year.

I do not set my goals too high, what I mean is I am not expecting to make more than 50 USD in a month. I am still in a rookie league when it comes to making money online. I think after a year I can make around 150 USD a month. I think this is a reasonable amount.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I made my first 100 USD with blogging, and that gave me the hope that making money online is not a hype. It is thanks to my curiosity that I found out you can make money with blogging. Till March this year I even didn't know what a blog was. I heard from a friend of mine that my father should start a blog, because he is so interested in politics.

I Googled the word blogging, soon I found out bloggers can make money. I worked the steps out and I was lucky that bloggerwave allow new blogs, all though they do not have much oppertunities yet.

Regardless the amount of money that I made online, I decided to invest in another online income stream, I have been working and still working on an e-book, I think I can launch it within a month.

My new project is going to be not blogging, not an e-book, but a dating site. I think this is not going to be easy. I will invest my further blogging income in the dating site. I have been looking for a dating site script. There are scripts in all price classes. I can not efford an expensive script though.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I am going rapidly through the process writing an e-book, I enjoy writing this e-book. Actually I am not writing it I am translating it, I got to give my mother the props for putting together all the Sri Lankan receipes. I translate it into English.

I red about few months ago that writing an e-book can be profitable maybe more than affiliate marketing. Nowadays people are looking for info products on the net. I got to find out for my self how I can make some extra cash with launching an e-book with receipes.

I think the most important thing is targeted traffic, this means I have to promote this e-book with all the possible methods. So long I can get visitors to my website, who is willing to buy this e-book, I can make a buck. It sound logical. I got to market the heck out of this. I have been reading on forums that launching an e-book is not so tough as many people think. I am any thing, but sceptical about this.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I found a post on a blog with so much info about what exactly an online business is and how you can start one. The author is called Mike Peters this guy has digged into all the depths of e-commerce.

In this post he shows you the basic steps you should take in order to succeed. He is summing up the high rollers in the game of online money making. Not only that he is summing up their income. Actually he is convincing the readers that making money online is not a hype.

He is saying that after a year starting an online business you can quit your day job, you have to work at least 2 hours a day online.

Mike is writing what the most important things are to succeed in this field. He is saying that you can start with the basic steps such as selling on e-bay, affiliate marketing or consulting.
Go to software projects get the entire post on beginners guide to making money online.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Review me got a new feature that is so called 'product line', so what does this mean? this means simply beside traditionally reviewing you can post ads on your blog what the advertiser provide you. So you only have to cut and paste the content what the company has written this means that the company or better yet the advertiser has the total controle over the commercial content.

This takes a lot of work out bloggers hands. I think the readers can get bored when they read the same post over and over. I do not know about how the payments are I can imagine http://www.reviewme.com/ will offer less money for copy and pasting than a traditional blog post.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


You know that content is king, this will get you more traffic and this will help you to build up a loyal readership. To get more traffic you got to comment on other blogs, you can post on forums, this will bring you traffic, because if anyone clicks on your profile they can get to your site or blog.

I am not interested in paid traffic methods, I am looking for free methods to get more traffic. You can get a lot of free traffic by submitting to free directories. My experience is that especially blog directories bring alot of traffic. Blog directories such as http://www.bloggernity.com/
http://www.findingblogs.com/ , http://www.topblogarea.com/ wil help you to get more traffic.

One of the important methods is pinging, what is pinging? To break it down into simple words, it is sending a message to the directories that your blog has been updated. So everytime you write a new post you can report this to directories by going to http://www.pingoat.com/ or http://www.pingomatic.com/ this way your readers can find out that your blog has been updated.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Yesterday I was so curious to know what exactly drop shipping is. So I Googled it, because I want to know about every possible methods to make money online. I am looking for money making oppertunities without any investments. Till now I found out that blogging is the way to go, because you can set up a blog for free and you can sign up for free with get-paid-to-blog sites.

I have to stick to the subject here, Unlike blogging you have to have a start up money for dropshipping. First of all dorp shipping is that you take the order from customers and you place the order at the wholesaler they take care of shipping and customer service. The only thing you have to do is take the order, once the customer pays you, you pay the wholesaler, he takes care of the rest.

Most drop shippers set up a site, and take the orders. Others use Adwords to market. I can advise you on thing if you are going to set up a drop shipping business don't go for any whole salers who is advertising on the web, because the whole salers don't have to advertise on the web, because they already deliver to retailers, that is their main income source. If you want trust worthy wholesalers go to http://www.onesource.com/ and find out for your self.

Monday, July 9, 2007


I was really unpatient till this blog got 90 days old, because most of the pay -to- blog sites require that you blog got to be older than 90 to write commercial posts for them. I had this blog submitted to http://www.smorty.com/ and got 3 oppertunities. I already got my postings approved
and got already paid.

Now one of my blogs, to be exactly http://rapwithanattitude.blogspot.com/ also exsists more than 3 months. I am glad that I can submit this to Smorty. I e-mailed them, because they had no option to add another blog.

I quickly got a reply, admin was saying that I have to create another account with an other e-mail adress and then add a new blog. Smorty is working on this feature to add more than one blog with just one account, they except to launch this within few weeks.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


In the beginning of my blogging activities I thought that visitors will come along to my blog without any search engine optimization. I was wrong. It is really important to promote your blog, there are a few famous methods to get the word out like tabloid. For example you can join forums, you can comment on other blogs or you can submit your blog to search engines. I must not forget pinging. This will help you to get more traffic, the ping services such as http://www.pingomatic.com/ and http://www.pingoat.com/ let the blog directories know that your blog has been updated.

My favourite method is submitting my blogs to directories. I saw on one blog so much blog directories. I manually submitted to about 20 blog directories. It is so much time consuming, that I was looking for an alternative. I found it. This is a piece of free software that will help you to submit your blog to about 350 search engines. I can not understand why they are giving this away for free. I certainly have no problem with that. Go to http://www.freedirectorysubmitter.com/
download your copy now. Get more traffic to your blog.

Friday, July 6, 2007


Either you are a beginning affiliate or a seosoned one. I got some great news for you. If you trying to make it online with affiliate marketing this is the place to be. As an affiliate you can gain a pretty nice revenue.

So what you have to do is simply drive traffic to excisting businesses. This can be done with methods such as search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, contexual advertising,

You can sign up for free. This can bring you a nice additional income. This site is called http://www.neverblueads.com/ they offer quality advertisers with unique ads, real time tracking technology, high payouts every month.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


This is one of the great ways to boost your blog rankings, your rankings will sky rocket like a astronaut with this method. What I mean is that there is site called http://www.reviewback.com/ that will help your blog rankings sky scrape like the Empire State building.

So what do you have to do get the type of rankings what I am talking about. First of all you got to sign up with http://www.reviewback.com/ it is totally free. After you got an account, you can browse through all the blogs at http://www.reviewback.com/ , after you reviewed a blog, you link to that blog in your post. That person you reviewed will review your blog with a link to your blog in his/her post.

This is real nice way to get higher rankings, one of the greatest things about this method is, it is free. I signed up. Tomorrow I will start my first review.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


At the time I first launched my blog, I was planning to make some money with Adsense. I heard alot of great stories about how you can make money with Adsense. After a month or so I gave up on Adsense, because I have not made a one red cent with this Google ad program.

I red that the top earner of Adsense is a 28 years young, dating site owner,who made around 5 to 10 million in USD per year. I thought this can not be true. Believe it, it is true. This guy make this with placing google ads on his dating site. The dating site is free.

I was wrong that Google Adsense is not bringing in anything. Yesterday I checked out my stats for last month I was suprised. I made $ 0,85. This gave me some hope. I hope my Adsense revenue will increase with my visitors.

Monday, July 2, 2007


I got to admit that I felt for the cheap hosting plus domain name of Strato. I should of know that they don't offer DNS settings what is needed to switch from Blogspot to custom domain.
It is very cheap. I should of warn you if you planning to switch from blogspot to a custom domain then don't buy any thing from Strato if you intentions to switch.

Last few days was my blog down and my excuesses for that. I bought the domain name for this blog it called http://www.meangreenonline.com/ . It is not possible to switch to it like I said. It doesn't matter I will go blogging on this Blogspot domain.

If you have plans to switch to a custom domain I would suggest you close a contract with GoDaddy.com they offer domain names for $6,95 a year. This is what I am exactly going to do with another blog. So, cheap is not always cheap. I bought two hosting packages from Strato I do have plans for it though.