Monday, July 30, 2007


I have been busy during last weekend with submitting one of my blogs to search engines for free. It is real time consuming, although it is quite fun. I think submitting your site to search engines are very important. I found out resaults of submitting quite impressive.

I think it is even better to outsource your submitting task to a s.e.o company. I do not know if the sites that promise you to submit your site to 1.000.000 search engines for a certain fee are honest.
I would outsource the submitting task to a honest S.E.O site, but my marketing budget is not allowing this right now.

I realize that I have to focus on proceeding my plans step by step, this will take time. I am working on an e-book, it has been written, now I have to set up a website. Start a clickbank merchant account. I am planning to spend my online earnings into marketing this e-book.
I am hoping to save time by not submitting the website by my self into the search engine.


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meangreen said...

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