Tuesday, July 3, 2007


At the time I first launched my blog, I was planning to make some money with Adsense. I heard alot of great stories about how you can make money with Adsense. After a month or so I gave up on Adsense, because I have not made a one red cent with this Google ad program.

I red that the top earner of Adsense is a 28 years young, dating site owner,who made around 5 to 10 million in USD per year. I thought this can not be true. Believe it, it is true. This guy make this with placing google ads on his dating site. The dating site is free.

I was wrong that Google Adsense is not bringing in anything. Yesterday I checked out my stats for last month I was suprised. I made $ 0,85. This gave me some hope. I hope my Adsense revenue will increase with my visitors.


Anonymous said...

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meangreen said...

THank you. I will.