Thursday, July 26, 2007


I recently wrote a blog post about dropshipping. I found out more info today. I think this can be very lucrative if you set your dropshipping e-business properly. There are lots of sites that require you to pay a monthly fee in order you to enter their data base of dropshippers. Do not buy that they are the middleman who is trying you to scam you. The only way to cut out the middleman is finding a authorized wholesalers. click here to find out how you can get a database of legit dropshippers.

You can find out if the wholesaler is legit by contacting the manufacturer and asking for a list of wholesalers who are distributing that product you chose to sell.
If you want to set up a dropship business, you need to have a business name and a tax i.d. Any legit wholesaler will ask for that before they start working with you.

What is dropshipping: Dropshipping is that a customer order a product on your website, and you place that order at the wholesaler, the wholesaler takes care of the shipping. You do not have to take care of the storage or the customer service.
you buy the product for the wholesale price and sell it for the retail price.

If you want more info download a free e-book on dropshipping.Click here
On this site you can get a video tutorial on dropshipping.

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