Saturday, July 14, 2007


I am going rapidly through the process writing an e-book, I enjoy writing this e-book. Actually I am not writing it I am translating it, I got to give my mother the props for putting together all the Sri Lankan receipes. I translate it into English.

I red about few months ago that writing an e-book can be profitable maybe more than affiliate marketing. Nowadays people are looking for info products on the net. I got to find out for my self how I can make some extra cash with launching an e-book with receipes.

I think the most important thing is targeted traffic, this means I have to promote this e-book with all the possible methods. So long I can get visitors to my website, who is willing to buy this e-book, I can make a buck. It sound logical. I got to market the heck out of this. I have been reading on forums that launching an e-book is not so tough as many people think. I am any thing, but sceptical about this.

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