Monday, July 16, 2007


Like Public Enemy said 'Don't believe the hype'. Maybe you know this political rap group. This song title is also appealing to all the get-rich-quick hypes on the net. At the time I started searching the net for money making oppertunities, I saw plenty of ads saying 'fire your boss', 'make 1000 USD a day' , 'enjoy your financial freedom' .

I am not that easy to convince, I was researching the oppertunities to make a extra buck and not to get rich overnight. Really I am not saying that you can not get rich online. I am only saying you need to put a lot of time and effort in it to succeed.

All these sales reports are promising you the riches within few minutes. They are often saying you can reach your goals with less effort, like working 2,5 hour a day online. This is so misleading that some people buy that. Like Mike Peters said on his blog you can not quit your day job at least not for a year.

I do not set my goals too high, what I mean is I am not expecting to make more than 50 USD in a month. I am still in a rookie league when it comes to making money online. I think after a year I can make around 150 USD a month. I think this is a reasonable amount.

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