Saturday, July 28, 2007


It is too bad that Desi Baba quits blogging with his online money making blog. I was visiting that blog frequently. I learned a few important things from him. He was becoming quite famous with his Desi notes blog. I red a post about how you can make money with your blog even you have low amount of visitors.

It was due to lack of time that he has to give up his money making blog. He says that he had investing several honderd of Dollars in his money making blog. He is trying to sell that blog, he can not afford to market it properly to the readers to sell it,because he do not want to invest more money into his money making blog.

He will soon start another blog on another topic. I think it would not take him too much time to get the word out about his new blog. I am curious on what topic he is going to launch his blog.
Yesterday I was reading an interesting post on his blog about how to make you blog successful.

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Reemas said...

I think he should be bloging about desi datings, we need those.