Sunday, July 8, 2007


In the beginning of my blogging activities I thought that visitors will come along to my blog without any search engine optimization. I was wrong. It is really important to promote your blog, there are a few famous methods to get the word out like tabloid. For example you can join forums, you can comment on other blogs or you can submit your blog to search engines. I must not forget pinging. This will help you to get more traffic, the ping services such as and let the blog directories know that your blog has been updated.

My favourite method is submitting my blogs to directories. I saw on one blog so much blog directories. I manually submitted to about 20 blog directories. It is so much time consuming, that I was looking for an alternative. I found it. This is a piece of free software that will help you to submit your blog to about 350 search engines. I can not understand why they are giving this away for free. I certainly have no problem with that. Go to
download your copy now. Get more traffic to your blog.

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