Monday, July 2, 2007


I got to admit that I felt for the cheap hosting plus domain name of Strato. I should of know that they don't offer DNS settings what is needed to switch from Blogspot to custom domain.
It is very cheap. I should of warn you if you planning to switch from blogspot to a custom domain then don't buy any thing from Strato if you intentions to switch.

Last few days was my blog down and my excuesses for that. I bought the domain name for this blog it called . It is not possible to switch to it like I said. It doesn't matter I will go blogging on this Blogspot domain.

If you have plans to switch to a custom domain I would suggest you close a contract with they offer domain names for $6,95 a year. This is what I am exactly going to do with another blog. So, cheap is not always cheap. I bought two hosting packages from Strato I do have plans for it though.

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