Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Yesterday I was so curious to know what exactly drop shipping is. So I Googled it, because I want to know about every possible methods to make money online. I am looking for money making oppertunities without any investments. Till now I found out that blogging is the way to go, because you can set up a blog for free and you can sign up for free with get-paid-to-blog sites.

I have to stick to the subject here, Unlike blogging you have to have a start up money for dropshipping. First of all dorp shipping is that you take the order from customers and you place the order at the wholesaler they take care of shipping and customer service. The only thing you have to do is take the order, once the customer pays you, you pay the wholesaler, he takes care of the rest.

Most drop shippers set up a site, and take the orders. Others use Adwords to market. I can advise you on thing if you are going to set up a drop shipping business don't go for any whole salers who is advertising on the web, because the whole salers don't have to advertise on the web, because they already deliver to retailers, that is their main income source. If you want trust worthy wholesalers go to http://www.onesource.com/ and find out for your self.

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