Thursday, June 28, 2007


All the established bloggers are running a contests on their blogs this means that they will get more traffic. This is not only in their own advantage but also in the advantage of the readers. I have been reading at few blogs that prominant bloggers such as John Chow are giving away big time prizes.

I entered the contest Carl is running on his blog. go to and find out what you can do to win the cash he is giving away. He is not the only one.Kumiko is also running a contest.
If you want to win some of the hot prizes she is giving up check it out at the this is how she is celebrating moving to her new domain. This contest will get the traffic, she is looking for.

If you also want to get more traffic this is the way to go. I hope you can win some of the prizes these bloggers are giving away. Give it a try you have nothing to lose.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I was browsing the web looking for new blogs. I found a few interesting blogs last few days. This blog that I found is special. First of all it is a blog about making money online what, that is not what makes this blog special. It makes special that the author is 14 years young. While other kids of his age is playing with Play Station, this guy is informing the readers how to make money online

I learned a few tips from his blog. The blog is attractive, the templates are really nice. There are alot of information about how you can make money online. The content is in plain English.
My favourite post is how to start a blog in 15 steps.

If I made you curious go to CARLOCAB and check out this prodigy of blogging. I got to say he has alot to offer to all the newbies. If you are looking for info how to make money online, then I suggest you take a look at Carl's blog.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I am a little dissapointed, I blame my self for it though, because I was writing in previous entries how unpatient I am till this blog gets 3 months old and finally it is. I submitted this blog for approval at PAYPERPOST they rejected my blog,because they found copied content from others blogs. This can be totally true, because I had 3 blogs in the same niche including this one. What I did was placing the same content on all three blogs. I felt kind of stupid after PAYPERPOST rejected my blog. I don't know if I did the right thing I deleted the other 2 blogs. I hope this will get this blog approved for the marketplace.

Monday, June 25, 2007


I have been blogging on this blog for about 3 months now. I have done nothing but submitting my blog to search engines. I am not done yet, I have a long way to go get more visitors. I red that getting traffic can be easy when you join communities such as MyLot, Myspace. I hardly post on forums, I have to push my self to it.

I have been commenting, that seems to work. I have no marketing budget yet for paid traffic. I think I can get quite a lot of visitors for free for now. I will consider, SEO when I get more oppertunities from review sites.

I placed about 15 to 20 affiliate links on my blogs that means that I will rank higher than blogs without those links. If you review a product on your blog it can be useful for you as a blogger and that means you will do good in the search engines. The reader will get your opinion of what you are trying to pre-sell.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Make money online is becoming real seriously famous. There are alot of ways to make money online. One of my favourite way is making money blogging. Why is this my favourite,because I love writing,you can set up a blog for free, so there are really no investments. How can a blogger make money blogging, well that is quite simple. If you have a blog older than 90 days you can sign up for PAYPERPOST. That is a site that pays you to write reviews about a product, service or a website. The top earner at PAYPERPOST called Colleen has earned a amount over $12000. I am not sure over how long period it is. You can sign up for free clicking on the image below.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


This is the best solution for all the merchants, who wants to accept online payments, so if you are a online entrepreneur and you want to make it possible for your customers to make payments then Ashop commerce shopping cart software offers you the right solution.

It is now real easy to sell online. This software makes it possible to add products to the shopping cart there are thousands of features that it is easy to use. This ecommerce software provider is the leading provider of hosted shopping cart software.

Ashop Commerce is the best software provider with easy to use software with award winning features. I think it is a low monthly fee for the merchants to build a online store, you can now compete with all the webs big boys. Either you are starting a online business or advancing your business Ashop Commerce will give you the relevant advise. You can customise the design of your online store and you can have it up and running within hours.

Ashop Commerce shopping carts are integrated with all the major banks, gateways and the third party processors including PayPal.


I can not imagine that there are bloggers out there with loads of traffic and they are blogging for fun and not making a single dime. I know a way for these bloggers to make it more fun. I think if you do something you love you can get paid for it, it makes even more fun doing it. So what I am talking about here is a way to get paid writing commercial blog posts. There are quite a few sites that pay bloggers to write reviews. This site called SMORTY is doing it and paying the bloggers to create buzz.

Be part of the winning team, sign up for free and
get paid for blogging my experience is that this is one of the highest paying get paid for bloggingsites there is. This can bring you a nice additional income to you as a blogger. Blogging is getting more attention the last days. If you enjoy blogging and you update your blog frequently and your blog is older than 3 months you can blog for money

If you are a business owner you want to spread the word through blog advertising you can sign up and you can make your business more profitable. advertise on blogs
you can get alot of attention as a business from all the blog readers.


From now on vacations do not have to be expensive. After working hard a certain period everybody deserve a break. Most common thing is to take a vacation. Then you can relax. Either you like to go on vacation to Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Asia or Australia. This is the place to be for
Hotel Reservations

Hotels reservations are not the only accomodation this site is offering. There are quite a few differant accomodation, what this site is offering. For example if you want to book a nice motel you can make this happen in a matter of few minutes. This site is available in few differant
languages. So If you speak French, German, Italian or Spanish you can navigate very well through these sites.

If you prefer to fly to your desired destination, you can book a flight at discount rate at this site.
Also this site is providing you the deals at discount rates when you book a resort. This is a great website with competitive prices. You also can book a resort
If you want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest,book at

You can get a discount club membership. This will give you more discounts.If you like to book a vacation packages you are at the right adress. Get the best vacation offers. accepts payments via Mastercard, Visa and American Express. You can book a hotel, motel, resort at a discount rate. So you can get the hottest deals at this site, when it comes to vacations.

This is a really user friendly site with crystal clear information about flights, car rental, group vacations, vacation packages, hotel, motel, resort reservations.
On this site you can browse through the hotels in cities like Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, Orlando, Miami, Honolulu, London, Anaheim and more. This site gurentee you the lowest rates. For US and Canadian citizens there are the posibilaty to call toll free 1-800-447-4136. There are workers 24/7 willing to help you with all the pleasure.

Friday, June 22, 2007


What in the name is this . I can tell you that without alot of words.
Daily link love is a site that give away links to bloggers who deserve it. They give free links everyday. offers real interesting articles to bloggers about various subjects. The posts are writen by seosoned bloggers. If you are looking for a additional income online or you want to increase your traffic to your blog. Also you can find some great tips how you can become a better blogger. Maybe you are already a better blogger, even than you can get some of the best tips there is.

What I like the most about this site is that you can increase your blog traffic, because I got to work on that.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Not every blogger is out to make money, but I am not one of them, if you are not either. I got some great news for you. You can now get paid by writing commercial posts. The sites that pay you to blog is paying around $5 per 50 to 100 words. These sites are making good money.They are making money through bloggers like me and you. The advertisers are giving you the oppertunity to write a post about a product, service or a website. I can say if you blog is older than 90 days you can make atleast $ 15 a day writing blog post. Below I will list the get-paid-to-blog sites.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


This owner of the blog is on the quest like Q-Tip for online money. You know from Tribe Called Quest. What ever. This blog that I am going to review is my favourite blog. This blog is called . What I love about this blog that the post are written in plain English. I can get it as a person from a non-english speaking country.

I think she sincerely knows what she is taking about and she is so darn polite. I love that.
She react fast on the comments. The owner of is Kumiko. She used to blog on a blogspot blog, now as she grows she has moved to her own domain.
has grown in a six month time rapidly. I red a post at Kumiko's blog that she got 1500 visitors in 2 weeks. I guess she is a SEO pro.

I really can learn from her blog. That is why I am reviewing her blog for free. I think I can learn more methods how to get money like Kumiko. She had already made $1100 USD in a six month period.

Monday, June 18, 2007


You might ask your self why are there so many blogs, do these bloggers really love to write? or are they only out to make a buck or two? I can tell there are blogs that is only ment to make money, sometime I think I am one of them, then again I realize how much I love to write, especially about the subjects what really interest me, for example making money online.

What really moved me to start a blog was actually making money online. We all know almost everybody love money. Me too , but what really move me is I love making money online. So that is why I am blogging. I think if you love making money online, blogging is a way to go.

If you love to write and also love making money online. I can advise you to create a blog.
You can create a blog or blogs for free at or
So, if you have set up a blog, you can pick a topic for your blog and you got to post frequently at least once a day. So how do you make money with blogging. The most famous one is writing commercial content for review sites. Such as , , , you also can make money placing ad links on your blog or affiliate links.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


You don't have to worry, about making money online even you have a low traffic blog. You can not expect to make 200 USD in your first week. But there are few sites that pay you to write reviews even your page rank is 0. Most people rely on Adsense and Kontera to make money online, which takes much visitors. But with this method I am going to break down for you can make a additional $15 to $25 a day. There are quite a few requirements at these sites that pay you to blog.

1. IT MUST BE A BLOG: So if you have a website with info on it they will reject your site.
If you have a free blog like or Wordpress your blog will
accepted. Advertisers prefer a blog with a own domain name.

2.BLOG MUST BE 3 MONTHS OLD: Like I said before don't expect to make your 200 USD
in the first week. This is not a get rich quick scam.

3. BLOGS LANGUAGE MUST BE ENGLISH. Your blog must be in English, because the
advertisers prefer that.
4. ORIGINAL CONTENT. Your blog must contain originally writen content.

5. MUST CONTAIN REGULAR UPDATES. If you have few post and you don't post at least
once a day.You got the chance they will not
approve your blog.

If your blog fulfills the requirements above and go sign up for free at
and or

Saturday, June 16, 2007


When it comes to making money online by creating their own products, most writers make the process too complicated.

The simpler you can keep your workflow, the better.
So let’s say that you want to start writing your own products and selling them, rather than writing to order for others.
Here’s a process to help you to write and sell simple reports of five to ten pages:

1. Pick a topic you know something about, where you’re able to define some problems and solutions.
For example, maybe you’re a dieter, who’s got a great solution for getting off a diet plateau. Or you’re a mom whose child was bullied, and who found a solution. Or - you get the idea. Think: PROBLEM + SOLUTION.

2. Write up your problem/ solution combo.
3. Save the file as a PDF. Mac computers come with built-in free PDF, but if you’re on a Windows machine, do a Google search for “free PDF” and you’ll find a mile of them.

4. Get a PayPal account if you don’t have one already. PayPal is an eBay company and lets you get paid by anyone with an email address.

5. Promote your report. You can create a simple Web page, or promote it in your signature file when you post to online forums, or by writing articles which link back to your Web page.
Depending on the kind of information in your reports, and how desperately people want that information, you can sell your simple reports at prices which range from $5 to several hundred dollars.
Wash, rinse, repeat - don’t stop at one report. Create more of them. Before you know it, you’ll be a Web publisher with a very nice income stream.

Friday, June 15, 2007


You all know there are a lot of ways to get paid online, I can sum up a few, which are blogging, affiliate marketing and doing surveys. There is now a new thing coming around the corner that is gaining more popularity that is Video sharing. There are some sites that pays you to share your videos and you can get rewarded per 1000 views, which is mostly around $5.

The most of the sites that pay you to share your video is spliting the adsense revenue with its member. How the ad profits are splited depends on the site.

If you love making videos and sharing with surfers. You can sign up with all the sites below.
There are some of the top earners making around $ 10000 to $ 40000.


These are some of the site where you can make money with sharing your videos.
One of the advantage of video sharing is once you upload your video it keeps making you money with out any of your further efforts.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Boost your Technorati ranking, SERP and Google Page Rank!
Everyone who owns and maintains a blog understands just how important Page Rank is! This includes your ranking in Technorati, Alexa, Google PR, SERP (Search Engine Result Page), etc. Are you happy or satisfied with your current Page Rank? I'm quite sure you're not, or you won't be reading this post! ;) A few weeks ago a fellow by the name of Andy Coates started a link building concept that helps bloggers increase their Page Rank. This concept is called Viral Linking. A lot of bloggers from all over immediately jumped on the train and are now enjoying some really good link loving that's increasing their Page Rank. Nice huh?So! If you're serious about boosting your Page Rank, then read carefuly and do these simple steps!
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I know lots of you must of heard about
If you don't, it is a site that pays bloggers to post reviews about companies, services or websites. There are bloggers making a living out of blogging.

Everybody that knows about
knows that this site offers this oppertunity, which is getting paid for reviewing blog posts. Nowadays you even can make money getting your blog post reviewd, you also can make money recruiting bloggers to do the same.

This earning oppertunities is great. That is not the only thing, when a blogger review your blog post they will put a backlink to your blog. The more backlinks you get higher your blog will rank at Google and other search engines.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Submit your blog to all of the directories listed on Pingomatic which allows you to ping a few services all at once.

Submit your blog to Pingoat which allows you to ping over fifty blog ping services all at once.

Sign up for an account at BlogExplosion and register your blog there. After registering visit other members blogs to earn credits.

Submit your blog to all of the directores listed at RSS Feeds directory

Sign up for My Yahoo and add your blogs feed to your own “My Yahoo” account. This will get your blog included in Yahoo very quickly.

Sign up for My MSN, and add your blog to your own “My MSN” account. This will get your blog included in MSN very quickly.

Sign up for Google Pages, and add add some content (non spam) and link to your blog. This will get your blog included in Google very quickly.

Place a link to your blog in your signature, so that any posts to Forums, Outgoing Emails, etc, will promote your blog.

Place your blog on all the major search engines. will submit your blog free to the top 14 Search engines. will submit your blog free to the top 20 Search engines.
Submit your good articles to Ezine Articles

Locate blogs with a lot of traffic and place relevant comments in their comment box . Do not spam or place the ‘I like your site,visit mine’ type comments.

And last, post quality content as often as possible

Monday, June 11, 2007


Last Friday I added my blog for approval at Loudlaunch. I am kind of excited, but I am waiting patiently till my blog gets approved. I love blogging about making money online, I want to make some more money, so that I can invest in more profitable online businesses. I think loud launch will give me more oppertunities than the sites that offered me oppertunities till now. This is one of the site that pays you to write commercial blog post.

My goal is to make at least $ 100 each month from blogging. I think for most bloggers it is possible, if your blog is 90 days or older. That is one of the requirements, at the most get-paid-to-blog sites. Don't give up after 3 weeks, because you can not make any money. Invest your time on long term goals. None of these bloggers made their first $500 within first 2 weeks writing commercial blog posts.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I found this great survey site that pays you to write short reviews of 3 sentences, This is one the highest paying sites to write reviews, because most of the sites require you write about 50 to 100 words about a product, service or a site. At this site you have to write reviews about sites. One of the sites that I had to write a review about was American Consumer Opinion. It is free to sign up. This site check out every review you write it got to be honest.Click on the following link to sign up. $6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!

Saturday, June 9, 2007


I missed two $5 assignments from Review Me. Too bad for me! yesterday I logged into my Review Me account, I saw that I had 2 oppertunities, I thought I can blog these 2 reviews tomorrow. I checked today if I could take the oppertunities, I was too late. So if I was you I would not wait with, taking oppertunities. It was kind of a suprisement for me, because my blog is not 3 months old yet. I was qualified to take these oppertunities, I am glad, although I missed the chance.

Friday, June 8, 2007


You know there are many sites that pay you to blog, I mean they pay to write commercial content. This is not a new phenomenon. You might heard of this site before it is called Scooptwords, this site hook you with people who are interested in blog content, let say you are heck of a blogger, who writes content, which is hotter than Sahara. Is your level of blogging well advanced that readers might think that you are a reporter, maybe you are a reporter, with a profesional knowledge of writing then you can make money with

When you sign up you wil get a button to put on your blog, if anyone wants to buy your blog content then they will be re-directed to This site is charging 25% of the fee. You will be paid through

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


If you are spending your time online and not only reading sex stories, but also thinking of how to make some extra money, I got few tips for you. About 6 months ago I started looking for info making extra money. I never thought I would get this much interested in making money online. I have now this blog for about 2 and a half month. I can say I am not a experienced blogger or a online money maker.

All I know is, that it is possible to make money online as a newbie. What ever you want to do online give your self time to grow in your particular field. Before you buy anything about making money online, try if you can get it for free. Google will help you.

If you just starting don't set the goals too high, but be confident about what you going to do. Give your self the time to learn about what you are going to start.

Look on forums what other people have to say.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I was in December 2006 sick of my salary. I was looking for some additional income, so I started looking on the net for possibilities. I was actually looking for a job on Saturdays. I first got into MLM, that was too much of selling, although I am a salesman, but I don't like to sell anything to my next of kins and family, so that is not for me. After that I learned what affiliate marketing is, that was kind of interesting, so I looked up for info. Now I have a blog with affiliate links on it, but I need to spend more time learning about affiliate marketing. I thought I never would make any money online. It was hard but I made little over 1oo Dollars. Not with MLM, but online. I hope I get more oppertunities to make more in the near future.

Monday, June 4, 2007


We all know that Google Adsense is very lucrative if you get alot of visitors to your site. One of the top earners of Adsense is 28-year old Markus Frind. He is claiming that he earns $ 10000 a day from Google Adsense. This young dating website owner makes $5-$10 million dollars a year. Mr. Frind was featured on the wall street journal.

If you guys are looking for a new idea to make money on the internet go to and check out how Markus Frind get it done.

Lots of people run Web sites by themselves. But it’s likely that no other solo venture runs at the scale of PlentyOfFish. For the week ended April 28, it was the 96th-busiest Web site in the U.S., according to the HitWise tracking service. That means it has more traffic than some of the Net’s best-known destinations, such as
When you have that kind of traffic, you can make money three ways: via Google’s small text ads, with bigger banner ads and through “affiliate marketing,” where other sites pay you for sending them customers. Mr. Frind does all three — and does very well. A few months back, he posted on his blog a picture of a check from Google for nearly $1 million for a two-month period. Google confirmed the check was for real.
Mr. Frind says the site brings in between $5 million and $10 million a year; lest even more competitors get onto his success, he declines to be more specific. That puts him ahead of some of the Web’s best: Last year, each Google employee generated an average $1 million in sales.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


There been some blog entries on some blogs that Bloggerwave didn't pay on time. One of the bloggers on Bloggerwave asked if Bloggerwave can pay him, becaused they were bit late with payments. I received a mail from ceo of Bloggerwave saying that delayed payment was not a fund issue. He offerd his apoligies for this matter.

I got paid on time this month I have nothing to blame, obviously all the problems with delayed payments are solved. I owe my thanks to , because they give the begining blogger the chance to make some money without any page rank. At bloggerwave your blog don't have to be 90 days or older.

Saturday, June 2, 2007


I have this blog since end of March 2007, I have been blogging with pleasure, I have been trying to increase my blog traffic, I submitted my blog to several blog directories, but I have a hard time getting a decent amount of traffic to my blog. I wish to make some extra money with blogging. My blog is not 90 days old yet, but the most important thing is that I get more visitors, that means that I can except better paying assignments at review sites that pay to blog.

I am already indexed by google, I have few links on my blog of some already established blogs.
There got to be some more ways to get more traffic to my blog. I am working on it, I got to be patient, nothing comes easy it takes time and time will tell.

Friday, June 1, 2007


You might red tons of ads that claims you can get rich quick online , which is not impossible, but it takes hard work and alot of knowledge. If you willing to work hard I can say it will be rewarded just like any other profession. I am not a seasoned internet entrepreneur if you might think that. I am a newbie that already made a decent extra money online. I can say you can too. If you willing to work on it a couple of hours a day.

I red on few forums that some online money getters make a fulltime income online. So that means I can make it too, if I am willing to work on it. I am working on it step by step. I have few ideas in my head I am working on 2 of them. Number 1 is blogging. Number 2 is writing an e-book. I am stricktly investing online made money into make more money online.