Sunday, June 17, 2007


You don't have to worry, about making money online even you have a low traffic blog. You can not expect to make 200 USD in your first week. But there are few sites that pay you to write reviews even your page rank is 0. Most people rely on Adsense and Kontera to make money online, which takes much visitors. But with this method I am going to break down for you can make a additional $15 to $25 a day. There are quite a few requirements at these sites that pay you to blog.

1. IT MUST BE A BLOG: So if you have a website with info on it they will reject your site.
If you have a free blog like or Wordpress your blog will
accepted. Advertisers prefer a blog with a own domain name.

2.BLOG MUST BE 3 MONTHS OLD: Like I said before don't expect to make your 200 USD
in the first week. This is not a get rich quick scam.

3. BLOGS LANGUAGE MUST BE ENGLISH. Your blog must be in English, because the
advertisers prefer that.
4. ORIGINAL CONTENT. Your blog must contain originally writen content.

5. MUST CONTAIN REGULAR UPDATES. If you have few post and you don't post at least
once a day.You got the chance they will not
approve your blog.

If your blog fulfills the requirements above and go sign up for free at
and or

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