Monday, June 18, 2007


You might ask your self why are there so many blogs, do these bloggers really love to write? or are they only out to make a buck or two? I can tell there are blogs that is only ment to make money, sometime I think I am one of them, then again I realize how much I love to write, especially about the subjects what really interest me, for example making money online.

What really moved me to start a blog was actually making money online. We all know almost everybody love money. Me too , but what really move me is I love making money online. So that is why I am blogging. I think if you love making money online, blogging is a way to go.

If you love to write and also love making money online. I can advise you to create a blog.
You can create a blog or blogs for free at or
So, if you have set up a blog, you can pick a topic for your blog and you got to post frequently at least once a day. So how do you make money with blogging. The most famous one is writing commercial content for review sites. Such as , , , you also can make money placing ad links on your blog or affiliate links.

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