Monday, June 11, 2007


Last Friday I added my blog for approval at Loudlaunch. I am kind of excited, but I am waiting patiently till my blog gets approved. I love blogging about making money online, I want to make some more money, so that I can invest in more profitable online businesses. I think loud launch will give me more oppertunities than the sites that offered me oppertunities till now. This is one of the site that pays you to write commercial blog post.

My goal is to make at least $ 100 each month from blogging. I think for most bloggers it is possible, if your blog is 90 days or older. That is one of the requirements, at the most get-paid-to-blog sites. Don't give up after 3 weeks, because you can not make any money. Invest your time on long term goals. None of these bloggers made their first $500 within first 2 weeks writing commercial blog posts.

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