Wednesday, June 20, 2007


This owner of the blog is on the quest like Q-Tip for online money. You know from Tribe Called Quest. What ever. This blog that I am going to review is my favourite blog. This blog is called . What I love about this blog that the post are written in plain English. I can get it as a person from a non-english speaking country.

I think she sincerely knows what she is taking about and she is so darn polite. I love that.
She react fast on the comments. The owner of is Kumiko. She used to blog on a blogspot blog, now as she grows she has moved to her own domain.
has grown in a six month time rapidly. I red a post at Kumiko's blog that she got 1500 visitors in 2 weeks. I guess she is a SEO pro.

I really can learn from her blog. That is why I am reviewing her blog for free. I think I can learn more methods how to get money like Kumiko. She had already made $1100 USD in a six month period.

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