Sunday, July 15, 2007


I made my first 100 USD with blogging, and that gave me the hope that making money online is not a hype. It is thanks to my curiosity that I found out you can make money with blogging. Till March this year I even didn't know what a blog was. I heard from a friend of mine that my father should start a blog, because he is so interested in politics.

I Googled the word blogging, soon I found out bloggers can make money. I worked the steps out and I was lucky that bloggerwave allow new blogs, all though they do not have much oppertunities yet.

Regardless the amount of money that I made online, I decided to invest in another online income stream, I have been working and still working on an e-book, I think I can launch it within a month.

My new project is going to be not blogging, not an e-book, but a dating site. I think this is not going to be easy. I will invest my further blogging income in the dating site. I have been looking for a dating site script. There are scripts in all price classes. I can not efford an expensive script though.

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WizCoder said...

Cool! hope you get lots of success from your dating site, its a good niche.