Wednesday, July 11, 2007


You know that content is king, this will get you more traffic and this will help you to build up a loyal readership. To get more traffic you got to comment on other blogs, you can post on forums, this will bring you traffic, because if anyone clicks on your profile they can get to your site or blog.

I am not interested in paid traffic methods, I am looking for free methods to get more traffic. You can get a lot of free traffic by submitting to free directories. My experience is that especially blog directories bring alot of traffic. Blog directories such as , wil help you to get more traffic.

One of the important methods is pinging, what is pinging? To break it down into simple words, it is sending a message to the directories that your blog has been updated. So everytime you write a new post you can report this to directories by going to or this way your readers can find out that your blog has been updated.

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