Wednesday, October 24, 2007


As we all know it is all about traffic. I find this a great challenging aspect to get traffic to my blog. I spend quite some time on getting traffic. There are several methods to get traffic. You can get free traffic and paid traffic.

Free traffic is that you get traffic to your blog without spending a dime. This is my favorite method. You can get free traffic by joining a traffic programme. I would not join these traffic programmes in case you are writing reviews for get-paid-to-blog sites or if you are a Adsense publisher. Then you violate the rules of Adsense and the rules of the get-paid-to-blog sites.

You can also get traffic by posting on forums. You just sign up for these forums. You create a signature with your website link in it. Everytime you post on those forums you get a backlink. More backlinks you have from high Page Rank sites, higher you will rank in the search engines. Also every time a member of a forum click on your signature, it will take the visitor to your website.

Here are some forums

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