Saturday, October 6, 2007


It is all about the Benjamins that is what P. Diddy and the L.O.X would say, But when it comes online money making it is all about traffic. To get a certain level of traffic, it takes time. You got to do some s.e.o to get traffic from the search engines. That is not the only way to get traffic. One of the famous methods is posting on forums. Make sure your signature contains a link of your blog or site, this way you build backlinks and traffic, visitors who are interested in your profile will click on the link of your blog and that will get you traffic.

My favourite method to get traffic is social bookmarking. I submit my posts to famous bookmarking sites.Only Wire is my favourite social bookmarking tool. This saves me so much time. It only takes time to sign up with all the social bookmarking sites, which is featured on the OnlyWire site. Then with one click you can submit your blog or site to more than 15 social bookmarking sites.

There is also a new kid on the block, which is also great. On this site there are about 40 social bookmarking sites featured, unlike Onlywire you can not submit your site to all the 40 social bookmarking sites at the same time. Social Marker only pre-populates the submit form you have to submit your site into social bookmarking sites one at the same time. Check out click here and find out about Social marker.

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