Friday, September 14, 2007


One of the major things I worry about is getting quality backlinks. Getting backlinks simply means better search engine rankings. I was so focused on getting backlinks. I was looking for a better way to get more backlinks than commenting on blogs. I found this site, it is social bookmarking tool. This site makes it possible to submit your post to more than 15 social bookmarking sites at the same time.

I love this site. It is called ONLYWIRE it is pretty simple to get started. Only thing you got to do is go to Onlywire and create an account. Then you click on the social bookmarking sites which are listed on the site and you create a single account at all the social bookmarking sites which are listed at Onlywire. You fill in the login info and save the whole page with all the login info for all the social bookmarking site to your favourite pages. Every time you write a post you can share this with other readers by bookmarking this post.This way you build backlinks and get more traffic to your blog.


Lil' Red Box said...

Thanx for sharing the info. I'm a newbie in bloging n i want to find the info on the bundle bookmarks.Well, i think ur yr posting is very useful!! thanx again

meangreen said...

your welcme, I hope you can get more backlinks with social bookmarking, thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Earning tips

Earning tips