Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Now I know the basic principles of S.E.O. It starts with submitting your blog to various search engines. This brings in traffic and also give you backlinks. To get backlinks you can also comment on other blogs. It is also possible to get backlinks by posting on forums. There are some forums, which will pay you for every post.
It is not that lucrative. Posting on forums will get you backlinks without a doubt.

I red on a forum, an affiliate marketeer said that he is promoting dish networks. He does this by writing reviews about Dish network providers. He submit all his articles to article directories. Within 2 weeks he made $250 only by writing a quality review about a dish network. He wrote just one article and submitted this to 50 article directories. This gives him 50 backlinks. That is great for him, this way he is making money online and he is getting backlinks, which will get him well ranked in the search engine. Higher his page rank gets, more money he can make with sites like Payperpost.com, Smorty.com or other get-paid-to-blog sites. Beside he is making money as an affiliate he also can make money with blogging.

This method is called Bum Marketing. An affiliate marketeer called Travis introduced this method to a broader online money makers. Me personally only have plans to become an affiliate, because that is where the money is. At the moment I am more focused on getting paid online with blogging.


Donald Mckenzie Jr said...

Thanks a lot for this blog post. I will surely use this information to help me in future with my business. Keep up the great work!

Suresh said...

Nice informative blog i'll the same logic and whether i'll be sucessful or not
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