Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I am not happy about the fact how much money I am missing out at
I can not quit me day job to get busy online. Because of some personal issues my day job is unmissable. I miss some great opportunities from $5 to $500. This do not have to be this way, only thing I got to do is get on my notebook and wait for the Payperpost opportunities to show up, but I can't. I got a day job.

It is unbelievable how much opportunities there are at and how much money I am missing out. I have been investing nothing but alot of time into this blog. I am getting rewarded for that not only through getting paid, I get this great feeling if I write a post. I can advise you all to be patient and invest your time to see some results in the long run. When you reach that level and you have a approved blog for the marketplace of than consider how you are going to reserve the opportunities. If you have a full time job, like me you have the chance that all the opportunities are fully reversed at when you are logging in.

I thought I can ask my dad to reserve the opportunities at for me so that I can take them when I get home after work. So if you have the same problem please let me know how you deal with the opportunities at You can leave a comment on this blog. You are welcome at any time to comment.


STACI said...

Don't feel bad. I don't have a day job. I've been trying to get one, but meanwhile I thought I'd be able to make a couple of extra bucks with PPP. I keep PPP up all day long. I've even downloaded a plugin that allows the page to reload every minute or so, and I still can't snag an opportunity to save my life. They almost all come up gray automatically. The few that come up white get reserved by the time I answer the question that pops up after you hit the "reserve" button. I'm just as frustrated by the whole process as you are.

Selerines said...

One opp is available, after reserving that opp it is changed into Grey color. I cant able to see it in my Reserved Posts column. Why? what may be the problem? Will i get it after some time...