Thursday, September 27, 2007


Recently I am so fascinated by getting backlinks, it seems I only can talk about getting backlinks. I searched along for software, which makes it easy to get backlinks. The most time saving one is this software, makes sure you will Get an avalanche of traffic to your site!!. I am speaking out of experience. This software is the real deal amongst the the blog commenting software

I tried it, it got me a lots of backlinks. It is really easy. You only have to enter the keywords in the search box and Blog Commentor will hit you with all the relevant blogs. This software has this special feature build in, which will show you the page rank of the blog. You can select the function to delete all the blogs below PR 1, after the Blog Commentor found all the relevant blogs. This makes it a piece of cake to get a higher page rank.
You will see that your traffic increases within few days. Make sure that you get this software, the lite version gives you a taste what the full version can do for you. The lite version gives you the opportunity to comment on Wordpress blog. The full version is the ultimate blog commenting software Don't miss it.

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