Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am having mad fun with making money online. That is the best thing I think. I want to stay motivated and continue to write reviews. This is the main source of income for me. I had Text-links-ads on my blog this made me about 20 USD Dollars per month. This was not bad, but a review site requires that I can not accept some opportunities when I display Text-link-ads on my site.

This can cost me quite some money, because the Text-link-ads are only paying 20 USD per month and some of the opportunities that require not to accept these opportunities when you display Text-Link-ads can make me around 20 USD per review. This is more lucrative than displaying Text-link-ads.

I rather prefer reviewing products, sites and services to get paid than displaying Text-link-ads. It is better to get paid with AdSense than with Text-Links-Ads. Then you can still accept opportunities and get paid with reviewing. I never experienced that review sites required not to display AdSense ads.

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