Monday, May 5, 2008


To boost your Adsense Revenue it is important to get ads related to site's or blog's content. There are moments that the AdSense ads are not relevant to your content's site. If this is not the case it might not boost your AdSense revenue. If the ads are not relevant to the content of your site, that will not stimulate the visitors to click on the ads. If you are on a site about baseball you see a ad of golf clubs than you are less likely to click on a that ad than if you see a ad of site where they sell baseball cards.

So to boost your AdSense revenue, there is a way to get the AdSense ads to display relevant ads. To boost your AdSense revenue it is the best to place keywords of a certain word in the first line and the title. It still can be that irrelevant ads get displayed on the site. This can be solved with few tricks that I am going to break down for you. To boost your AdSense revenue you can use section targeting. Section guidance can offer you the help to highlight and downplay the ads related to the topic of the site. You can add the following HTML code to attract relevant ads if you are targeting word like AdSense. The following format is will help you to boost your AdSense revenue.

Relevant ads to the site content plays a big part to boost your adsense earnings.

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