Sunday, May 11, 2008


See I am kind of losing my motivation, when it comes to blogging about making money online. I have another blog. This blog takes all my time. I think content is king. That means writing quality content is certainly the way to get higher rankings and more traffic to earn higher earnings. I experimented with this fact to find out for my self it is true. What the experienced bloggers say.

I found out that content is king so does the back links. I did not wrote this blog for awhile.I guess for about a month or so. I found out that my page rank was down and the visitors was decreasing. I can say that the experienced bloggers say is true. It is a fact when you do not blog at all that that the page rank will go down and the visitors will stay away. blogging a few words will not make your content king. If you are an expert about a certain topic let the readers know that you got the know how to help them out with what they are looking for. You can blog the fire out your finger tips, if you do not get enough back links you will not rank high in the search engines. To get back links you can social bookmark your site at the famous social bookmarking sites such Digg, Stumble upon and If you want to submit your site for free then go to You also can buy back links for a small amount, but then you have low page rank back links. The higher page rank back links will cost you more. I just checked out the budget at
Text-link-ads it is about 250 USD to 300 USD monthly. It is also possible to get free back links by commenting on high page rank blogs. Make sure that your comment is relevant to the post other wise the blog owner will delete your comment. Do not trust the automatic submission services or software. These things put your blog in danger.

So the best is to write unique content and get enough back links. By writing unique content will other blogs link to your blog. This way you will get back links. Mostly the bloggers who are blogging automatically will link to your blog if you have unique content.

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