Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Making money online is getting more and more interesting with setting up your own online store. This seems to be a great way to make money online, since people are getting more and more out of time. They rather not go to the store any more, surfers will rather get front of the computer and order the products they want.

People having no time to do their shopping has it's advantages, that means people like you and me who are trying make a buck online can easily score. Set up your online store and make money online. I found this site called Zilo.com. This site offers a unique service to start your online business. This is similar to an ebay website. The only difference is that this service Zilo.com set up your site and you can have it running in minutes.


It is not possible to have your own URL, that is quite a disappointment. If you are going to sell software, your URL will look like software.Zilo.com. The amount of money you can make online is per transactions is not shown on the site. This seems to be a issue. if you Zilo.com wants more customers. They need to take care of these things.


The process of setting up your own website seems quite easy and quick. You can choose from various products. and the best is to do some research to find a popular niche for your website. The best selling products are easy to find with online marketing tools. If you want you can check out Clickbank.com for the most popular products.
There are few ways to make money online with your Zilo.com account. When a visitor buys a product from your website you make money. Whenever you refer someone Else to Zilo.com your earnings will increase. When that person refer someone else you will get paid. When a visitor clicks on the ads on your site you also will get paid.

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