Friday, May 11, 2007


Once you hear the name Gomez Peer you will wonder who it is. To be honest I don't know it neither, but I know what it is, let me break it down for you in plain english like I always do.
Gomez Peer is a get paid to surf site. At most sites you have to view ads on a view bar. With Gomez Peer this is not the case. This site only check your online activity and pays you. If you want to get paid click on the banner ad.

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GaryRW said...

Gomez PEER is NOT a get-paid-to-surf program NOR does it check your online activity. What it does is create its own traffic to sites and measure response times and transmit these stats to Gomez which compile these for customers. The business is web metrics and the PEER is an important component in their measurements. In fact you can put your own network monitor (NetPeeker v3.0 is a nice one) on it and see the customers, traffic, and frequency.

Gomez PEER is the ONLY program left that offers real earnings with no user intervention and practically no system resources. I've been a 24/7 user since 2001 and have earned over $950. Before Gomez bought them they were known as Porivo PEER. Becoming accepted by them now is much harder than 2001 since most geographic areas are subscribed to and held. My top earning month was 8/2001 when I earned $44.44. Then the dotcom crash hit and earnings plummeted, but still continued and increased without break until today. I run both DSL and dialup 24/7 and frankly dialup seems to bring in more money. In the last 2 days they have announced a 60% increase in payments. Their business is evidently booming.

I was one of the top processors for SETI@Home (non-pay) years ago and also earned alot of money later with United Devices in their distributed (public grid) computational chemistry project to discover drug candidates for cancer. Several others also paid briefly.

So if you appreciate this info, I would appreciate you using this link to their application:

This allows me to receive a $2 referral fee. It DOES NOT link you to me in some ongoing MLM/pyramid/trickle-down scheme. To encourage you to use this link when you decide to apply, I will email you when I discover new legitimate and worthwhile online projects that earn you money online.

I've been at this distributed (public grid) thing and perused and sometimes done other "make-money-online" schemes for 7 years and essentially all are resource hogging, time wasting, foolishness. Only Gomez PEER is the real deal at this point in time, though there are a few emerging possibities.