Friday, May 18, 2007


This is a unique concept within pay per post. This site Sir Blogger connects the blogger and the advertiser with each other. So the advertiser provides the post to the blogger written in words the advertiser wants. This means that the advertiser pays the blogger $5 for posting. This save the blogger the time. Sir Blogger pays through Pay Pal.


1. Bloggers submit their blogs for approval. 2. Once approved, blogs will be passed onto advertisers who will contact bloggers directly. 3. Advertisers supply their posts of copy text of up to 200 words which includes 3 links to blogs at US$5 a post. 4. Bloggers must accept offers and publish their post within 24 hours if they are interested. 5. Bloggers will email the url of the published link to the advertiser. 6. Bloggers will be paid within 7 days of publication of the post.
Requirements1. You can submit your blog even if it has a 0 Google PageRank.2. Posts are to remain in the blog for a minimum of one month, preferably indefinitely.

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