Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This blog has been down for a week so. My apologies for this matter. I would like to welcome you to my custom domain called Stackonlinemoney.com. I hope you to provide more of my experience with making money online.

I hope to share my ideas with you about making money online. I chose a custom domain, because this can increase my online earnings. Because most of the advertisers require a custom domain. So now the meangreen-meangreen.blogspot.com is stackonlinemoney.com

I chose this domain name, because this is good to rank high for the keyword online and money. I think a custom domain is better if you want to make money online with Text-link-ads. I am going to submit this site to Text-link-ads. The last time they did not accept this blog, because it was a blogspot domain.


Gerri said...

Good for you. I am thinking about doing the same thing soon and I may even move to wordpress. Its still just a thought. Have you seen any benefits in having your own domain?

Prasanga Perera said...

I see some benefits I get more opportunities form PPP. Since my PR is down my opportunities have not gone down. Thanks for the comment.