Wednesday, January 2, 2008


About month ago I started an auto blog on mortgages. I did some research and found found that AdSense pays high amounts per click for the keyword mortgages. I was kind of sceptic that auto blog can make money. The art of auto blogging is finding a niche which has high paying AdSense keywords. I was able to get a free keyword list on mortgages from

The list had some high paying AdSense keywords such as bad credit mortgages, reverse mortgages, second mortgage, home mortgages, best mortgages, online mortgages and much more. If you want to make money online with a mortgage blog. Then I would get a auto blogging software. To make it all sweet, you can try the free version of

If you set up the free auto blog all you have to do is add RSS feeds to your auto blogging software to get content for your blog. Then the only thing you got to do is get traffic to your blog. I started a mortgage blog not only because this niche has high paying clicks per keyword, but also because I am interested in this topic. If you want to check out my mortgage blog. Click on Mortgagesforyou to find out how this mortgage blog looks like.


Gerri said...

Thanks for the info. It is really good of you to share.

Gerri said...

My wife and I are thinking about buying our first home. I just started up a blog where I will put down any information I come across as we learn more about real estate and mortgages and whatever else comes with it.