Wednesday, January 16, 2008


If are considering to buy a article writing software then I would do a good research, before buying one. I bought a article writing software. I thought this would be great to create nice article to make money online. I think I wasted my money on this one. I expected to get more from this software. I am totally not satisfied with this.

This software offers so much irrelevant information about the topic. I think it is better to write your own articles than creating articles with a software. I have payed 67 USD for this software, but it is not worth it. I hope to find more inspiration to blog manually rather than with a software.

If you type a keyword in this software than it gathers information about this software automatically about this keyword. These information comes from keyword related websites, but most of the information is so irrelevant. If you type in the keyword beach vacation, then you get bunch of information about the prices of the vacation packages and much more. I am going to ask for a refund.

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