Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It is very important to have backlinks. With high pr backlinks to your site you can increase your pagerank. It is essential to have backlinks, because this will increase your search engine rankings. More high PR backlinks to your site higher your rankings will be in the search engines. Google gives your site a rank from 0 to 10. Higher the rank more important your site is according to Google.

I would like to share this site with you. It is called Qassia.com. This site gives your site quality backlinks. You got to do something in return to get those quality backlinks. You got to add so called intel. This can be totally something different then the topic your of your site. You will get many types of information you can add to for a quality backlink in return.

Quassia will reward you in 3 ways.

You will get a backlink once you add a intel. Everytime you add a intel you can you will get a direct backlink. Everytime you add a intel you will get credit. It is called Quassia credit. It is called Quassia Dollars. More Quassia Dollars you have more quality backlinks you will get. You will get 100% of you ad revnue. For more info Click here to find out for your self.

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