Sunday, February 24, 2008


If you are a blogger and you like to make money as an affiliate then this site called give you the opportunity to make money online as an affiliate. As an affiliate you tell your friends, family and your blogs visitors about the great deals of

HOW DOES DEALDOTCOM.COM'S AFFILIATE PROGRAM WORK? gives you a special link to share with anybody who is interested in the great deals of Dealdotcom. You convince them into signing up for a free account at Dealdotcom. You will get paid every time they buy a product from Dealdotcom. The affiliate program of Dealdotcom is 2-tiered. This mean you will get paid once your friends buy a product through your affiliate link. And if your friends' friends buy products from Dealdotcom. You also will get paid.


If you have a free then login into your account and then you will find an affiliate link. You can send this link in an e-mail to your friends and you get paid once they buy through your affiliate link. You also can sell your Internet marketing/online business related products at If you want to get featured on the DDC deal of the day. You can login and submit your product for a review. The thing about the two tiered thing is that you will get paid 35% for the people you send to Dealdotcom through your affiliate link and those you refer, refer someone else then you will be still paid 15% of the product price every time those people buy a product.


Dealdotcom pays after 30 days at the end of the month. This gives all the people the chances to get a refund if they want. For example if you earn $1000 in the month of October, then you will get paid through Paypal in the last days of November.

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