Saturday, February 9, 2008


I would like to introduce this blog of the RC Buggy nitro buggy champion Igor Presnukhin. This blog is a great information source if you love RC Cars. If you enjoy tinkering with cars then you can have fun and excitment with RC cars.

If you are new to the RC car racing and you will have lots of questions about RC car racing. This blog of Igor provides RC Cars Tips and Tricks this is the website to be if you are a beginner. On this site you will find information you need to know about what to buy. There are plenty vehicles to chose from. If you need help to choose between off-road or on-road or electric or nitro. It is essential to know about remote controle cars, this will make it easier to for you to choose the right one. The quality remote controle cars can reach the speed of 60+ mph. This is a great blog with RC car news. This blog will keep you up to date about RC cars.

Click here to go to the site of Igor Presnukin.

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