Thursday, November 1, 2007


I recently red a post about a few prominent bloggers saying that Google page rank does not make any sense. I think this perfectly make me cents and that why it make sense. This blog is finally PR 4. I am crazy glad. It is obvious that my work to get paid online is paying of. Since this blog is PR 4. I am getting more opportunities to write reviews.

It is all thanks to the backlinks to my blog. I have been submitting my best posts to article directories. I have been commenting on high PR blogs. This is paying off. I never thought I would go from PR1 to PR4. It did not cost me any money to get PR4.

For everyone who are just starting out with blogging. Focus on good content and of course about your traffic and backlinks. This is all about this things if you want to make money online. I would start with focusing on good content and social bookmarking them. This will get you quality backlinks.

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